Aubade Paris

A seductive brand Aubade is a top-of-the-range lingerie brand, an ode to femininity and its power of seduction. Inspired by courteous love, the choice of the name Aubade in itself brings to mind the game of seduction.

Aubade, the master corset-maker; a French symbol of elegance and refinement, Aubade has always looked for new technical innovations, discoveries, daring and metamorphosis.

Fundamental requirements:
Quality, Creativity, Comfort and Seduction.

Collection development:
Products take 2 full years to be launched, from model sketches to their arrival in the shops!

Bras are comprised of no fewer than 15 different materials including lace, wires, and linings, with approximately 24 different pieces involved in assembling a bra. Aubade offer various sizes and cups: from 85 A to 100F, in fashionable colours and materials including Calais Leavers Lace, embroidery, Guipure, and satin.