Get your game face on because there’s a new boxing gym in town. It’s called JAB and it’s taking fitness back to the old-school.


32-34 North Audley St Mayfair

Phone Number

0207 499 8322

JAB is the brainchild of former England boxing team captain and multi-title winner, George Veness, who grew up in London’s East End and started boxing when he was six years old. Co-founder Jamie Landesberg has been trained and inspired by George himself for years, and her family has deep roots in the boxing world.

Our co-founders came together with a vision to challenge the status quo of the fitness industry.

In a world where screen time is unlimited and community is needed, we believe in the value of simplicity, basic human interaction and an old school way of training that has been empowering people for generations.

Our dream was to create a space in which we would give people the chance to experience an authentic approach to boxing, understanding it’s heritage and values.

Boxing clubs are spaces driven by community, self discipline and personal growth. A place where people go to find their purpose and develop their character by challenging themselves in a positive direction.