JD Malat Gallery

JD Malat Gallery is a gallery specialised in international contemporary art.


30 Davies Street, Mayfair, London

Phone Number

020 3746 6830

Established in London in 2017, JD Malat Gallery specialises in contemporary art, seeking to promote and situate established and emerging artists within the framework of contemporary art historical discourse. Through a programme of thoughtfully curated year-round solo and group exhibitions, with contributions from leading curators, artists and academics, JD Malat Gallery offers a constantly changing space for its public and artists, underlining the gallery’s intention of promoting artistic progression and cultural interaction.

The gallery programme represents a broad spectrum of artists from a diverse range of media including conceptual art, installation art, light art, sculpture and painting. JD Malat Gallery focuses on broadening the dialogue between its programme and its expanding international audience through a system of dynamic cultural exchange.

JD Malat Gallery’s programme consists of artists from international backgrounds and schools, and focuses on developing its space as a platform for artistic development, albeit within the framework of global contemporary art.