Sustainable Art Mural

We’ve teamed up with air-purifying paint supplier, Airlite, and glass-mural artist, Aga Skiba, to create an environmentally friendly way of activating vacant retail units across Mayfair.

Airlite is unique – it is the first technology designed and developed exclusively to improve the air quality inside and outside homes and living spaces. The paint eliminates bacteria, reducing pollutants such as sulfur oxide, ammonia, and carbon monoxide within in surrounding air. It is made with 100% natural materials and contains titanium dioxide crystals which break down chemical substances such as NOx, when exposed to light and humidity.

This is first time that Airlite have created a paint that can be applied to glass – making this the first window mural in the UK painted with using this air purifying paint.

Aga Skiba, known for her beautiful floral murals on cafes and restaurants across London, has worked with Airlite to perfect the application of this unique paint. Her Mayfair mural reflects our Spring seasonal campaign ‘Bright Young Springs’.