Accessibility in Mayfair

Accessibility information for Mayfair's shops and restaurants

Grosvenor has been working in partnership with Sociability to collate accessibility information for Mayfair’s shops and restaurants.

Sociability is a disabled-led technology company on a mission to organise the world’s accessibility information. Sociability helps disabled people find and share accessible places – from lunch spots to workplaces. By providing detailed, accurate and up-to-date accessibility information, Sociability lets disabled people choose what accessible means to them – empowering them to explore the world with confidence and peace of mind.

On many of our brand pages, you’ll find ‘accessibility information’ buttons which link through to the Sociability website where you can find comprehensive information on whether a venue offers step-free access, accessible toilets and more.

Find accessibility information for Mayfair’s shops and restaurants collated by Sociability here.

Top three accessible restaurants in Mayfair

Gem Turner from accessibility app Sociability has highlighted Mayfair’s top three accessible restaurants.

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