In this extraordinary time when our normal work leisure routines have been disrupted, how can we make sure we keep on track with our goals and aims and, more importantly, keep checking in with ourselves? MatchesFashion has launched a new #CheckingIn series where they talk to some of the most inspiring people in their community about how they have been adapting to life on lockdown.

The luxury retailer, which has one their flagship stores across five floors on Carlos Place, is a renowned haven for fashion lovers and style connoisseurs who always wants to keep up with the latest trends. Their unique community of designers and friends include some of the biggest names in the industry including Anya Hindmarch, Roksanda Ilincic, and Jasmine Hemsley who, among others, have been sharing their tips for thriving at home.

Jasmine Hemsley, cook, wellness expert and author, says: ‘Herbs and spices are known as nature’s medicine cabinet and they are wonderful for boosting immunity. I recommend Immune Boom, a remedy shared by the Ayurvedic doctor who runs the Panchakarma centre in India. I also recommend enjoying a variety of herbal teas throughout the week. Get yourself a spice tin so you can incorporate spices into your everyday cooking.’

Designer Roksanda Ilincic says: ‘I think this period is shining a light on appreciating all the things we’ve taken for granted in the past, which has given me a real sense of gratitude. I have found new ways to work with my team because of the lack of day-to-day interaction; we’ve had to become much smarter and more agile to find ways to keep things moving forward.’

Ashley Merrill, founder of Lunya, says: ‘One of my favourite team activities in a pre-Covid-19 world was using ClassPass at lunch with my team. Now, we’ve started doing our workouts on Zoom together, which makes it more fun – it could be anything from the Nike Training Club app to dancing along with The Fitness Marshall on YouTube.’

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