Bamford see it as a strength to seek out the expertise of others and value close collaboration with like-minded advocates of sustainable living – sharing knowledge as well as passions. In 2020, Bamford was certified by Positive Luxury with the Butterfly Mark, for their commitment to social and environmental sustainability. Having the Butterfly Mark certification by Positive luxury is a reassurance for their community that their commitments are verified.

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Stephen Webster

The Butterfly Mark certification validates a luxury brand’s contribution to a positive future for our planet. It is earned by businesses demonstrating they have embedded measurable environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices into their everyday operations. During our assessment, we received strong recognition for our efforts in climate action, sustainable sourcing and materials, circular economy, packaging efficiencies, human rights, and sustainability culture.

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Stephen Webster


Valextra has been awarded the Butterfly Mark, powered by Positive Luxury, in recognition of their actions embedding measurable environmental, social and governance practices throughout their business operations. Valextra truly believes that Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) challenges involve everyone in the organisation, as well as partners and suppliers. It is a journey that also requires strong leadership that questions everything the business does and how it does it; Valextra has undertaken that journey with the help of Positive Luxury. 

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Monica Vinader

Monica Vimader has earned particular recognition for areas of conscious design, diversity and inclusion, responsible sourcing, supply chain transparency and philanthropy. This is a bespoke set of ‘Positive Actions’ assigned to them, illustrating their unique efforts in sustainable and ethical business practices.

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Annoushka understand the importance of corporate responsibility and so they are working with Positive Luxury to ensure they comprehensively review and improve their business. Jewellery is a complex industry which poses many challenges and contradictions, some of which may take time to resolve. Annoushka are committed to their values and goal of becoming a more circular business and therefore their partnership with Positive Luxury will aid their resolutions and ensure they stay on the right trajectory.

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ERDEM are proud to announce that they are in the process of being certified by Positive Luxury with the Butterfly Mark, which is awarded to luxury businesses in recognition of their commitment to creating positive impact on society and the planet, one of ERDEM’s key brand missions. They look forward to understanding their strengths and the ways in which they can improve their business sustainability standards.

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