From spooky sweets to petrifying pubs, we explore the area for its Halloween offerings.

1. Creepy (but tasty) cakes
As one of the area’s finest purveyors of sweet treats, Peggy Porschen in Belgravia is the perfect place to start your hunt for Halloween cakes and biscuits. Whether it’s for trick-or-treaters or for a party you’re throwing, don’t miss the opportunity to bag some of the store’s mini ghosts cookie boxes, bat-adorned pumpkin-shaped cookies, or sugar skull pumpkin cupcakes. You might find your trick-or-treaters coming back for more!

2. Don’t forget the dog!
Your pet is a member of the family and shouldn’t be left out of any festive frolicking. Keep your four-legged friend happy (and away from the human treats) with some organic pumpkin seed dog treats from Belgravia’s Mungo & Maud.

3. Carving a niche
Neill Strain knows how to light up a room with his beautiful flower arrangements and he doesn’t miss a trick with the changing seasons. This autumn, the Belgravia-based shop is selling the Pumpkin Couture range – what could be more seasonal than an autumnal bouquet in a hollowed-out gourd?

4. A devilishly delicious deli
The Mount Street Deli’s got plenty of freaky treats up its sleeve this year, including skeleton cookies, ghoulish cupcakes and special scary spiced lattes. If you’re in Mayfair, pop in for something tasty… if you dare.

5. Scarily addictive
This pumpkin quiche from L’ETO is a great way to give your lunch a Halloweeny vibe. It’s also a feel-good product too, with peppers, fresh pumpkin and pumpkin seeds all making an appearance, so you’ll be making a repeat visit before long!

6. Was that a tap on the shoulder?
Head to The Grenadier in Wilton Row, Belgravia, for a truly terrifying evening – the pub is said to be haunted by the ghost of several ghosts. There are newspaper pages on the walls detailing the various alleged hauntings, so why not brave it and pop along to see for yourself and have a glass of wine while you’re at it?