Sip on these refreshing drinks as the sun comes out and the mercury rises.

Mr Fogg’s Peculiar Flying Machine

This gin based, fruity cocktail has notes of raspberry and grapefruit. Perfect for enjoying at the end of a long, hot afternoon in Mayfair.

Find it at: Mr Fogg’s Residence, 15 Bruton Lane.

Sunset Shandy

If you like calvados, this might be the drink for you. Combined with fresh berries and tangy grapefruit and lemon, it’s a tart, fresh drink that’ll leave you wanting more.

Find it at: The Blue Bar at the Berkeley, Wilton Place.

Gin Punch à la Terrington

The 19th century inspired drink infused with lemon sherbet and green Chartreuse.

Find it at: The Luggage Room, Grosvenor Square.

Ramble On

Johnnie Walker Gold, Suze and cacao Manhattan. What could be better? Pair with the impressive bar-snacks on offer like crab tacos.

Find it at: Black Dice Bar, 25 Heddon Street.


The cocktail created in honour of Princess Grace of Monaco. Cognac, bitters, and champagne blended with delicate violet liqueur.

Find it at: Connaught Bar, The Connaught, Carlos Place.


Blood orange vodka based drink paired with Martini Rosato, finished with refreshing watermelon and lemon juice. You’ll want to line up a second one halfway through your first.

Find it at: Eaton Square Cocktail Bar, 17 Hobart Place.