Colson (Machine Gun Kelly) first became aware of Stephen Webster jewellery through the limited edition collection of cocktail rings, The Seven Deadly Sins, consisting of seven rings each depicting one of the Seven Deadly Sins. Fine jewellery pieces were beyond the 20-year old’s financial reach at the time, but nonetheless, he never forgot the impression those rings, especially the one depicting LUST, made on him.

Some 12 years later when Machine Gun Kelly wanted to commission a very special ring that “Vogue would write about, and the world would talk about”, he tracked Stephen Webster down. The resulting ring was not only written about by Vogue and every other glossy magazine, but the world is still talking about the ring with which Machine Gun Kelly proposed to the woman he wanted to make his wife: Megan Fox. During the creative process, the two discussed Stephen Webster’s plans to anniversary the Seven Deadly Sins collection, only this time the plan was to introduce the 8th Sin for the first time in a couple of centuries.

The Eighth Sin in 18 carat Single Mine Origin Gold; the ring features exquisite pictorial enamel work, inlaid Mother of Pearl and set with 3 colourless diamond depicting a ‘messenger speech bubble’, adorned with gold piercing detailing and a ‘Webster Spider’ to signify the web of lies that ‘Gossip’ can impact on a person’s life. Each ring is made the Stephen Webster London workshop and will be limited edition, numbered 1-10 and engraved with GOSSIP. RRP £15,000.

Due to the destructive nature of online gossip, Stephen Webster and Machine Gun Kelly have decided to create further Sterling Silver rings inspired by the original that will be limited edition, numbered 1-80 and engraved with GOSSIP. RRP £750. Aligning to Machine Gun Kelly’s connected charity Greater Cleveland Food Bank, 10% of all sales proceeds will be donated with each purchase of the GOSSIP collection.

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