Stephen Webster is proud to announce the collaboration with the world’s first carbon negative diamond, Skydiamond, continuing the company’s drive to support innovation and commitment to reduce environmental impact by the jewellery industry.

Skydiamond, created by environmentalist Dale Vince OBE, are physically and chemically identical to Earth-mined Diamonds. The difference lies in the energy and carbon supplies required to feed and drive their production process. Using a unique, patented technology, the carbon is mined from the sky, the actual air we pollute and breath.

Sky-mining vacuums up this air and extracts the invisible particles of harmful man-generated carbons, exhausting cleaner air back into the atmosphere and then feeds the carbon into the lab to grow Skydiamonds. Skydiamond are paving the way for the future of the diamond mining, a future that not only rejects human and environmental exploitation but helps to repair some of the damage already done.

The showstopper of the Skydiamond collaboration are the Orbiter Piercer Earrings, crafted in Titanium, keeping with the modernity of the Skydiamond process. Inspired by orbiting space debris, these futuristic earrings are set with exclusive Skydiamond cuts creating the illusion of the aftermath of a meteoric shower.

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