Mercato Mayfair has launched the Pink Tea Café,  a brand new café celebrating the authentic chai culture of South Asia in the heart of London. The café joins its brilliant roster of food and drink offerings, with an incredible range of authentic chai and delicious traditional South Asian pastries.

Its signature drink, Pink Tea (also known as Kashmiri Chai), is rarely found due to the skill and time it takes to cook. Organic green tea leaves undergo a unique two-hour brewing process which Pink Tea Café’s founder, Tabassum, describes as both ‘a science and art’ to achieve the velvet consistency and naturally pink colour. Also on the menu? An array of fresh artisan parathas, and homemade classic cakes with a sophisticated twist – not just Insta-friendly, but absolutely delicious too.

Mercato Mayfair, St. Mark’s Church, North Audley Street, London W1K 6ZA

Getting There: Mercato Mayfair is a five-minute walk from Bond Street tube station.

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