Hello, Gareth and Stephanie here. We’re part of Grosvenor’s Property Management team and between us have worked in Mayfair for over seven years.

We take great pride in helping care for this special neighbourhood and the people that live and work here. We’re often out and about in Mayfair so it wasn’t a surprise to see concerns raised in the recent survey about security and crime. This is something we’ve been hearing directly from residents and businesses in recent months too, alongside concerns about street lighting and street cleanliness.

We understand that such issues can cause a lot of frustration and impact your experience of the neighbourhood so are working hard to try and address your concerns in a number of ways:

  • New security patrol – we’re trialling a dedicated security patrol for Grosvenor Square, Mount Street and the South Audley Street area. This has included addressing some instances of anti-social behaviour but also stopping skateboarding and unauthorised exercise classes in Grosvenor Square which has been causing damage to stonework and benches.
  • Better collection of incident data – we’re also collating data on every security issue that the team deal with, which enables us to build a clear picture of what is happening. The security patrol has also been putting a lot of effort into getting to know retailers and building relationships, which we hope you feel is helping build reassurance.
  • Increased engagement with key external partners – responding to crime is ultimately a Police matter so we have been working hard to build strong relationships with the local policing teams but also other important partners including Westminster City Council and New West End Company (NWEC).
  • A review of street lighting – with Westminster City Council to see if improvements are necessary, in particular on Mount Street and Dunraven Street.

The security patrol is most frequently encountering issues relating to rubbish, so is also providing an extra reporting line into NWEC and Westminster City Council which means we’re able to detect issues earlier and have them addressed as quickly as possible.

We are building a sense of what’s working and what still needs attention, but we’d love to hear your views too.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with your feedback