Empower, inspire and change. That’s the winning methodology from the team at JAB Mayfair that’s keeping people sane, on the ball and in the game while working out from home.

JAB are running daily boxing classes live on their Instagram channel to keep you fighting fit this spring including a recent live class with Jamie Redknapp.

The authentic boxing group workout is built for the audience to experience what it’s like to go through the 12 rounds of a fight, in just 45 minutes. The classes focus on cardio, bodyweight and resistance training combined with an electric atmosphere that they’re bringing into people’s homes.

Not just live workouts, the team have been running fight weeks, creating unique activity programmes to help people reset during lockdown. Here’s what you need to get involved in Jab’s fight week:

  • 5 Live Sessions – Get involved with Jab’s live Instagram sessions. Just 45 minutes 5 times a week will improve health both mentally and physically
  • 5 Cold Showers – Hopping into a cold shower for 15-60 seconds will give you the burst of energy you need to start the day
  • 5 Positive affirmations – Writing down your positive affirmations will help the brain to engage with your ultimate goal and subconsciously drive your progression to this.
  • 5 Jab Challenges – Keep an eye out on Jab’s Instagram as each day a challenge is announced which you can complete with them or by yourself.

Staying active during this difficult time is more important than ever, so why not challenge yourself and get boxing with Jab this week.