Bespoke fashion brands in London

Sometimes, customers are happy to buy straight off the rack. But there are occasions when a slightly different approach is required. Be it a gala, reception, ball or other public gatherings, bespoke tailoring is often the only answer.

At any time of year, discerning customers are on the lookout for one-off pieces to create or complete a look. But in a city the size of London, it is a daunting task. For that reason, we have put together our quick guide to bespoke tailoring and fashion brands in London to make the quest a little easier.

What is Bespoke Fashion?

Bespoke fashion goes against the grain and follows an entirely different ethos from most of the high street.

Rather than mass-produced collections that are widely available through websites and chain stores, bespoke items are made to measure.

Alternatively, the term can refer to clothing that is already produced to a general spec with the intention of adjusting it to the individual.

Regular fashion outlets produce a large quantity of every piece including a variety of sizes to fit a wide cross-section of the local population. Measurements will vary from country to country and region to region as body sizes are never the same right across the board. Shopping in regular fashion outlets is sometimes a question of luck. If a garment is available in the exact size that is required, then that is fantastic.

However, later on in the season, it isn’t uncommon for the most popular sizes to be sold out and stores will be left with a few items that don’t meet the most common criteria.

Bespoke Fashion Brands in London

London is one of the biggest fashion capitals of the world. As such, it’s no stranger to bespoke tailoring. Many of the world’s most renowned events take place here in this magnificent city so demand for luxury one-off items is high.

Naturally, famous brands are scattered across London with world-class options available throughout. But anyone looking for a wide variety of fashion opportunities to meet their needs within walking distance of one another will find that Mayfair certainly fits the bill.

For many years, this region has had an affinity with high society. Aristocrats, royalty and celebrities have graced the Mayfair neighbourhood and the shops and services have grown up around them. These retailers provide solutions for their every need, and one of the most important industries in the Mayfair area is bespoke tailoring.

Stefano Ricci

Location: 56 South Audley Street, London
Price examples: 2-button knit jacket £2,850, Handmade Asti shirt £700

The name Stefano Ricci has been synonymous with high-end fashion for over 50 years. This Italian brand uses the finest materials and the most intricate techniques to produce impeccable items every single time. Throughout their website and their Mayfair store, a range of outerwear, jackets, suits, shirts and many other pieces are available in a range of sizes. However, it is well accepted in this establishment that a gentleman will need to make certain adjustments to their purchases. Stefano Ricci offers a bespoke tailoring service to ensure that all garments fit perfectly before they are worn.

Matches Fashion

Location: 5 Carlos Place, London
Price examples: Toteme roll-neck, wool-blend sweater £450, Birkenstock Arizona suede sandals £113

Matches Fashion is the go-to retail location on Carlos Place in Mayfair. This bespoke fashion outlet only works with the very best names in haute couture producing a phenomenal collection suitable for men, women and a fantastic array of alternatives that simply cannot be defined by a tick box.

Clothing and accessories can be purchased off the shelf, so to speak, but it is also possible to arrange a private meeting with the in-house stylists. The team of highly trained specialists are able to tailor a visit to satisfy every whim.

Sartoria Rossi

Location: 64 South Molton Street
Price examples: Blue Jeans £350, Cream Tailoring Tuxedo £2,590

Bespoke fashion in London will often come with an Italian edge. For centuries, Italian tailors have been held in the highest esteem around the world. Here in Mayfair, Sartoria Rossi offers an incredible experience for those looking to get up close and personal with the creation of their latest garments.

One of the most popular options is the artisan suit service whereby customers are able to attend various fittings to ensure that patterns and fabrics meet their requirements. It is an experience that everybody should enjoy at least once and the team at this popular fashion outlet will ensure that both the fashion items and memories last for many years to come.

Turnbull & Asser

Location: 4 Davies Street Mayfair London
Price examples: Linen bath gown £495, Royal Oxford cotton shirt £275

Turnball & Asser have enjoyed a long and illustrious history in London. Since 1903, these highly-regarded tailors have been creating one-of-a-kind items for some of the most notable figures in society. They even hold a royal warrant, such is the esteem in which they are held by the British royal family.

One of the finest bespoke fashion services in London begins by selecting fabrics, collar and cuff options and monogram Styles along with linings. Once preferences are set, 18 body measurements are taken to ensure comfort throughout the range of movement and posture. Patterns are cut and garments are created using time-honoured techniques. Samples are trialled by the customer to ensure 100% satisfaction before any final adjustments are made.