This year, Mayfair’s oldest Chinese retaurant, Kai Mayfair, is offering the perfect Chinese New Year meal experience that we can enjoy from home.

Their ‘Finish At Home’ ‘EAT, PLAY & DRINK’ format is focused on an interactive, lively and fun experience with food and will give you the chance to:

  • Bring the Chinese New Year wishes of Luck, Health & Prosperity to your loved ones by tossing the Prosperity Salad into the air and chase away bad luck for 2021.
  • Show off your chef skills through your selection of toppings for the Sang Choy Crispy Duck
  • Go full ‘artistic diva’ and create your art masterpiece made from chocolate!




Salmon yee sang – the new year prosperity dish
A must-have for the celebrations – a new year salad platter including shredded carrot, enoki mushroom, crisp pastry skin, plum sauce, sesame seeds, dried persimmon, crushed peanuts and salmon sashimi.

Wasabi prawns
our signature starter with mild wasabi mayonnaise, mango & basil seeds

Main courses

‘Sang choy’ crispy duck
​3 varieties of lettuce as wraps – baby gem, round, chinese leaf & pancakes plus an assortment of condiments & sauces and demonstrate your prowess as a curator of flavour by creating your bespoke combination.

‘long life lai mien noodles’
​crispy enoki mushrooms, chopped coriander, spring onion, garlic, sesame, chilli, & soy vinaigrette. Serving long noodles symbolises the blessing of a long life and great health for the new year.


Your ‘chocolate does grow on trees’ masterpiece
valrhona chocolate fondant, sesame macaroon ‘caps’, hazelnuts and chestnut paste – our signature dessert transformed by you into an edible garden of balance & tranquility

Petit fours
‘fortune teller’ macarons

To see the whole menu, click here.



Our ‘Finish At Home’ format is focused on an interactive, lively and fun experience with food. It only requires simple plating and a very small amount of heating up before serving with full guidance provided – examples below. We want you to spend most of your time out of the kitchen!

Organise a zoom dine-around with friends & family

Share the joy and feast with friends by inviting them to a ‘Zoom Dine-around’ and compare your creations!

‘Yee Sang’ – The Chinese New Year Prosperity Dish

The best traditions aren’t the most polished ones but the ones we do together. After placing all the ingredients onto a large plate, get everyone a set of chopsticks and on a count of three, start mixing the ingredients together, tossing them in the air while shouting “LO HEI” (‘Lift Up Great Fortunes’) and wishing everyone at the table, “Happy New Year!” alongside wishes of “Long life & Great Health”, “Good Luck!” and “Make Lots of Money!” in the coming year.

Crispy Duck ‘Sang Choy Pau’ Lettuce Wraps

With classic crispy duck, everyone has their favourite combination & proportion of sauce vs vegetables vs duck.  In addition to the conventional toppings, you will get to experiment with using different types of wraps (lettuces being the tradition during Chinese New Year), fillings, sauces, condiments, garnishes and to experience crispy duck in a whole new way. Share your best combination with your loved ones – serving food to another is a New Year tradition.

Your ‘Chocolate Does Grow on Trees’ Masterpiece

Creating edible art with chocolate. The chocolate fondant needs to go into the oven for 10 mins. Unroll the drawing template onto your table, place the cellophane sheet on top and a quick wipe down with the provided sanitising wipe. Now, using all the provided ingredients (including chocolate & hazelnut soil, mousses, chocolate pebbles, gold flakes and sauces, recreate a painting in chocolate, eating as you go!), recreate a Yin-Yang Garden of Tranquillity using the template provided or express your inner artistry with an abstract piece! Send us a photo on Instagram or post it with #myCNYmasterpiece.



Cocktails for 2 available as options:

  • Spicy passionfruit tickle
  • Lychee martini

Other drinks:
A selection of wines and drinks are also available for purchase

All that’s left to do is book your perfect Chinese New Year experience here.

Dinner for 2
£157 (£138 vegetarian option)

Available from 12 February every Friday, Saturday & Sunday
for 2 weeks – only in limited quantities

Pickup & delivery options available (3.30pm to 6pm)