This time of year requires two things: to be comfortable and warm. If you can be stylish on top of that then all the better for it. Ticking all three boxes is an easy enough thing to do, if you spend some cash on a couple of great jumpers. Nowhere is the gap in quality between fast fashion and ‘proper’ clothing more evident than in knitwear. Buy cheap and you won’t just buy twice, you’ll also sweat like it’s noon in July and run up enough static charge to power your home until February. The point is, that good clothing is worth investing in. Spend a little extra money now on wool or cashmere and with some care, these jumpers will last you for years. One of the easiest but perhaps counter-intuitive ways to extend a jumper’s life span is to avoid hanging it. The weight of a jumper will, over time, cause it to stretch on the hanger. Much better to fold it flat and put it in a drawer until needed. As for colour and style? Bright and big is best as you’ll see from this edit.