Dopamine dressing is one of the biggest summer fashion trends to come off the runway this season.

Put simply, after two years of dressing down at home, it’s all about celebrating fashion and embracing joyful colours.

But while on paper it sounds fabulous, in practice it’s tricky to pull off. Unless you dip your toe in with something small, like jewellery. By wearing just one or two key pieces, a pair of statement earrings or a chunky necklace say, you’ll instantly give even the most basic of outfits – think a black dress or white t-shirt and jeans – a fresh and zingy twist.

While gold chains reigned supreme for the last couple of years, this season they’re being replaced by bolder and decidedly less subtle pieces. Jewellery designers are having fun, playing around with different textures such as ceramics, resin and coloured diamonds, re-imagined in all the colours of the rainbow, and then some.

Some of Mayfair’s finest jewellery stores are leaning into the trend. Hard. Pink sapphire charms at Annoushka? Yes please. Multicoloured toy necklace at Balenciaga? Oh, go on then. Green agate cuff at Lone Design Club? Sure! So without further ado, please have yourself a bit of fun shopping my edit of Mayfair’s most colourful jewellery collection.