The end of the year brings with it the unique opportunity to spend at least one day lounging around in your comfies, without ever feeling the need to get dressed. But, if you’re going to inflict your house-clothes on those closest to you, and in some cases, distant relatives and forgotten friends turning up unannounced, it pays to treat said day like a Saturday night out. I am, of course, talking about spending some money on loungewear. From underwear to vests, pyjama sets to hoodies, lounging around has never been so comfy or, thankfully, presentable. Now you can feel like you barely left your bed, but look like you’re about to be upgraded to the first class lounge for a long-haul flight. Mix these well-selected pieces with T-shirts or sweats you already own to get the most out of them, and if you put a tailored overcoat on top, the sweats in this selection are perfectly acceptable to be worn out of the house.