If you’re looking out of the window, it probably doesn’t look like sneaker weather just yet, does it? Cold, wet, grey or worse, slushy. This sort of weather is kryptonite to a new pair of kicks. But, like it or not, the easiest way to secure the best new sneakers is to be early. It used to be that if you were looking for the sort of sneakers rarer than a box of LFTs, you needed to actually get up early- when it was still dark out- and join a queue on the street outside your chosen retailer. Nowadays the internet has, thankfully, done away with that thanks to online raffles. But that leaves things to chance. A simpler way to secure the very best, if not necessarily the rarest, sneakers, is to buy early in the season. Right now brands and retailers are quietly dropping their new season shoes while the sales are still happening. Spend a little cash now and you can keep your pristine pumps in the box until the weather is suitable for them to be worn out.