I was so excited to be invited by Mayfair to create an edit highlighting how one outfit can be worn in several different ways, which both shows the cool brands in Mayfair and helps promote the reuse of evening wear.

Buying less and buying better is more important than ever as we know; the less we buy, the better for the planet – and for dressing up, this especially true.  While several years ago celebrities wouldn’t be seen dead wearing the same outfit twice on the red carpet, the world is opening its eyes to reusing and repurposing clothes and there is no longer a stigma about re-wearing the same item of clothing. In this edit I look at how one amazing outfit can be styled creatively with different accessories, clothing and shoes to be totally re-imagined.

When it came to picking the outfit for this edit, a suit was a no brainer for me. There is so much you can do with a suit: break it up, dress it up, dress it down, look cool or elegant – it’s all in the details. There’s no denying that it is a clothes classic, perhaps top of the list of cult clothes classics! Who doesn’t look great in a suit? There is just something cool and effortless about them. Think of the famous YSL smoking suit picture from 1968 (black and white in a Parisian street by Helmut Newton) or Isabella Rossellini in the 90s parred down men’s suit…I could go on and on with iconic suit moments over the last 50 years. Marlene Dietrich! Say no more…


I LOVE the Maison Michele Beret and Linda Farrow sunglasses with the Marni suit; these two accessories really add a stamp of personality to this look. I like the way the outfit is super smart and still within the formal convention and tradition of hat wearing, but in a super modern and rock’n roll way.

Charity Gala

I ADORE this Huishan Zhang feathered cardigan, and by adding the gorgeous, encrusted headband by Erdem, the look becomes immediately super smart and glamorous – but still cool and original. The suit just always keeps the look grounded…J’ ADORE.

Summer Soiree

Silver hardware jewellery is such a brilliant accessory in turning any look cool – silver jewellery references from Keith Richards give it a top tier place in the rock ’n roll style hall of fame. And who better to demonstrate this than Stephen Webster himself. The shoes from Marni are a music style reference too, and I love the Erdem take on the Hawaiian shirt – it’s one groovy look, and the suit pants are perfectly pitched.


There’s nothing I love more than a preppy look! I wanted this to be pretty AND preppy…but I needed to subvert it slightly so that it didn’t become too conventional. This perfectly classy blue Marni shirt with the Etro belt from MatchesFashion lends that wild card.


For this I wanted to move away from the conventional wedding look and add glamour, sexiness and fun to the wedding party. Using the classic attire of the horsebit Gucci hat from MatchesFashion really adds to the flair and coolness of the outfit. The suit gives it the formality, while the Paco Rabanne from MatchesFashion pink chainmail top and accessories make it YOURS. Just careful not to take the spotlight off the bride…

Jubilee Street Party

The Huishan Zhang blue ruffle shirt turns the suit into a pretty and demure ensemble – but still keeping the cool, understated and knowing edge. I love the boldness the Linda Farrow pink glasses bring to the look, just right for the street party sound system. What fun.

Gallery Opening

The Roksanda oversized blouse is just so perfect for a gallery opening; it’s like a work of art in itself, and has a smart, sophisticated and bold take that would be a show stopper at the Tate Modern on a summer evening. You don’t need to go too plain with a shirt like this – a classic gold chain from Annoushka adds individuality and coolness to any outfit. Again the suit trousers bring it back down to earth, but chic decorative flats add to the stylishness of the top. I always ask myself ‘What would Jackie Kennedy do?’ She would go for the embellished pumps I think.

Date Night

I adore this look. It’s one of my favourites. I think it’s such a cool, confident outfit for a date. It’s not too try hard, but also lets your date know you score 10 out of 10 in the style stakes. This sweater from Pringle of Scotland is taken from the classic school itchy Guernsey but made with the most gorgeous cashmere. I LOVE IT!!!! The Etro belt adds the dash of colour, attitude and sass, and the Christian Louboutin 70’s denim wedge (you can probably tell the 70s shape is my favourite) adds a real downtown vibe …


A night at the opera in a suit and sparkles. How cool. This Tom Ford shirt is formal in its shape and style. I love that it’s the style and cut of an ordinary shirt and yet it is anything but ordinary. This glamorous decadent shirt works so well juxtaposing with the cool oversized pants. Perfect exuberance for the Opera.

Film Premiere

PERFECT for a film premiere – this gorgeous feathered Huishan Zhang feathered top is light, sophisticated and stylish, and I love it with the mannish suit pants and black classic MOYNAT bag – it’s movie star glamour in all the right ways.