The creators of London’s leading sustainable community market, Mercato Metropolitano, are launching a new outdoor hot spot, ‘MM Caffé in MMayfair Garden’ in an open air setting in the heart of Mayfair.

Located in the spacious Brown Hart Gardens, on Duke Street in Mayfair just a stone’s throw from Oxford Street and Selfridges, this new outdoor café is the perfect spot to enjoy delicious food in the sun. The café is a new addition to the area from the larger Mercato Mayfair, on North Audley Street in St Mark’s, a beautiful Grade 1 listed building.

In keeping with Mercato Metropolitano’s mission, ingredients in all MM Caffé dishes are fresh, artisanal and sustainably sourced. Serving up a menu which includes croissants and focaccias baked locally every day and freshly served in the café, as well as locally brewed beer and gin, the MM Caffé invites Londoners to hang out, grab lunch or pick up an after-work drink.

At the heart of Mercato Metropolitano are social connections and the desire and spirit to build and support local communities, and the MM Caffé in MMayfair Garden encapsulates this ethos. MMayfair Garden invites residents and visitors alike to relax in the open air where all necessary safety precautions are taken care of.

Over the course of the summer, there are a range of new additions in the works such as farmers’ markets, art fairs and community initiatives, while aiming to maintain a safe physical distance during this unprecedented time.

“Creating social connections, building and supporting local communities has always been at the heart of our business. Under the current situation, an outdoor place is a great start to socializing again with the others: enjoy your favourite drink after work, or chat with a friend face to face. Come and join us in MMayfair Garden and to bring the community back together!” 
Andrea Rasca, Founder and Chief Executive Dreamer of Mercato Metropolitano

        Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday 9am to 8pm

         Where: Brown Hart Gardens, Mayfair