The Best Contemporary Art Galleries to Visit in Mayfair

As one of London's most historic and affluent neighbourhoods, Mayfair is home to some of the most revered art galleries in London.

Castle Fine Art Mayfair

But while Mayfair is known for world-famous fine art galleries and museums, such as the Royal Academy, it’s also the location of the most exciting and innovative contemporary art spaces in the city as well.

In fact, contemporary art galleries in Mayfair showcase not just emerging talent from London and the UK, but a whole host of international artists and sculptors. And a walk through the streets of Mayfair will see you encounter some truly incredible and unique installations and exhibitions.

With that in mind, let us guide you through these modern, chic and eclectic art galleries in Mayfair. We’ll tell you how to find them, what they specialise in and what you can look forward to when you visit one of these beautiful spaces.

Best Contemporary Art Galleries in Mayfair

Here you’ll find our hand-picked selection of the best art galleries in Mayfair for contemporary art lovers. Each one has been chosen for its unique exhibitions and individual style.

Bastian Gallery

Bastian Gallery Mayfair

Where? 8 Davies Street, Mayfair, W1K 3DW
What? Berlin & London based gallery exhibiting 20th Century artists, as well as German and American post-war artists

What makes this gallery special: Established by Céline and Heiner Bastian in 1989, Bastian gallery has seen the likes of Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol showcase their talent over the years, along with many German and American post-war artists and sculptors.

In Germany, the gallery represents some of the most creative, emerging artists, such as Anselm Kiefer, Ulrich Erben and Emma Stibbon. And in London, Bastian represents further talent, as well as holding regular exhibitions and events for art lovers across the city. Past events have included Frieze Masters and Masterpiece London, and the gallery recently opened a new showroom in Soho that’s open by appointment only.

Gagosian Gallery

Gagosian Mayfair

Where? 17-19 Davies Street, Mayfair, W1K 3DE
What? Global network of art galleries specialising in modern and contemporary art

What makes this gallery special: With over 19 locations across the globe, Gagosian has established itself as a dominating force in the contemporary art world. And with 3 locations in London, including its Davies Street branch in Mayfair, art fans can get a taste for what’s up and coming in modern art with a trip to this chic space.

Gagosian has represented some of the world’s most revered artists, including Francis Bacon, and continues to add exciting, new visionary artists to its books every year. Upcoming events include a plethora of exhibitions, fairs and installations across London’s premier art destinations, including the gallery itself. For full information, check the agenda section of the website.

Rodeo Gallery

Where? 12a Bourdon Street, Mayfair, W1K 3PG
What? Contemporary art gallery representing international emerging and established artists

What makes this gallery special: Founded in 2007 in Istanbul by Sylvia Kouvali, the Bourdon Street branch of Rodeo is part of an international consortium of galleries bringing the world’s newest and most cutting-edge contemporary artists to London.

Rodeo has a firm focus on building relationships with collectors, museums and curators, in order to encourage a better understanding of contemporary art across the board. And the end result is that fans of modern-day art can enjoy some truly incredible exhibitions and installations from a wealth of emerging artistic talent in this by-appointment space.

Castle Fine Art

Where? 57 South Molton Street, Mayfair, W1K 5RR
What? Mayfair’s premier art dealer offering an eclectic mix of contemporary art that reflects the luxury urban environment of the surrounding area

What makes this gallery special: A powerhouse of the art world, Castle Fine Art on South Molton Street makes modern-day art accessible to all with its inviting gallery that encompasses a range of artists across every medium imaginable.

Step into this artistic haven and speak to one of the many friendly experts, as they guide you through their vast collection. Works here include that of many famous celebrities, including Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan and Ronnie Wood, as well as revered artists, such as James McQueen, Billy Schenck and the Bisaillon Brothers.

Lovers of pop art, abstract and graffiti can get their kicks at this incredible gallery, and there’s even an online shop where you can choose your favourite pieces and enjoy free international delivery.

Sapling Gallery

Where? 124 Mount Street Mews, Mayfair, W1K 3NR
What? Small and intimate art gallery showcasing emerging talent and curated by Charlotte Call

What makes this gallery special: A very new artistic space, the Sapling gallery is the brainchild of Charlotte Call, an art historian whose vision seeks to marry art with nature. Located in the picturesque Mount Street Mews, this small, quaint space invites you to enjoy a small but beautifully curated collection of independent creators, including Gilbert & George, Koshiro Akiyama and Lily Ashley. Sapling was also the first gallery to showcase abstract works by Angus McCrum, in his first solo exhibition in London.

Current exhibitions include ‘The Earth Has Music for Those Who Listen, which brings together 6 female artists and shines a light on an ever-present theme of nature and preservation.