The Best Sustainable Retailers in Mayfair

Support for sustainable retail is gaining traction across the world and it’s becoming increasingly evident throughout our local high streets.

Small businesses and multinationals alike are starting to wake up to the damage caused by previous bad practices and are putting their best foot forward to tackle the issue.

In London, there are plenty of creative and innovative examples of retailers making a huge difference already. And many of these are located in the Mayfair area. Mayfair’s businesses are hot on the trail of more sustainable models that can create both commercial success and give back to the world at the same time.

How to Find Sustainable Retailers in London

When searching for sustainable retail options, you need to check the company credentials first. Many brands will be keen to state their commitment to the cause but their actual impact may be very low. Effectively, you need to sort the genuine firms from those that are simply using the issue as a marketing opportunity. Searching a company website or making direct contact should give you the answers to any concerns you have. Forming a lasting relationship with brands that you trust and sharing your experience with others will help make it easier for the next responsible shopper to achieve their aims.

Here are a few further tips to send you off on the right path to making better retail choices while shopping in London.

Bamford Mayfair

Buy second hand or use swap shops

Admittedly, not all products can be reused but many can. And if something is in perfect working order, does it need to be condemned to the scrapheap just yet? Fashion items, furniture, drapery and many other examples can all enjoy a second, third or fourth life if they are made well.

Go for quality

Why make purchases that will inevitably end with them being thrown away after a short period of time? Cheap t-shirts, jeans and shoes, for example, can be snapped up at rock-bottom prices. But the implications for the planet and workers involved can be disastrous. There’s no way that employees can receive a fair deal for creating a garment with a retail value of £2. There simply isn’t enough value involved to make a profit for everybody. Moreover, cheap goods are often a false economy. Buying several cheap pumps every year instead of 1 decent pair makes no sense for the environment or the communities that suffer as a result.

Support local production

It’s a well-known fact that it can be cheaper to import products from the other side of the world than to deliver them from 50 miles away. However, transportation releases millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the air and damages the world on many levels. Local artisans and producers will cost a little more but the positive effects can easily outweigh the financial downsides

Sustainable Retailers in Mayfair

Many of Mayfair’s shops, restaurants and other businesses are making an attempt to support sustainable retail. The impact may not always be instant and obvious. But taking the initial steps to make improvements will collectively have a positive effect. Let’s take a look at some of the brands that are currently being heralded as pioneers in Mayfair.

Stephen Webster

Location: Second Floor, 130 Mount Street, London

The Stephen Webster philosophy is to create a business to be a force of good. They are continuously evaluating their sustainability and building upon the ethos set out through 2 generations of this family business. They look after their employees and suppliers by supporting health and well-being through flexible working hours, a cycle-to-work scheme and enhanced maternity pay.

Within the wider community, they have donated £10,000 to International Women’s Day to support the charity providing care to women affected by the Ukraine crisis. They also work closely with new talent to help shine a light on emerging British craftsmanship and goldsmithing to keep the tradition alive and continuing into the future. They source responsible materials for all of their pieces. The brand only uses 100% recycled gold and silver while minimising single-use plastics within their sites and salons.

So Just Shop

Location: 52 S Molton St, London W1K 5SE

This sustainable lifestyle brand is situated on the famous South Molton Street—renowned for its incredible shopping opportunities. So Just Shop sells handcrafted gifts created by female artisans from at-risk communities around the world. The brand wants to make sure that every purchase has a positive impact on the lives of those involved in the product design and production.

Their aim is to take 400,000 women and their families out of poverty through ethical and sustainable product creation. Working closely with artisan groups, they make sure that there are required funds and materials and support for everyone involved.


Location: 62 South Audley Street, London W1K 2QR

This luxury brand was founded on the belief that people need to be more mindful and connected to the world. Sitting on the prominent South Audley Street, Bamford sells quality beauty, clothing and homeware that is both beautiful and sustainable.

They also strongly believe in supporting artisan crafters and keeping that craft alive. Offering quality over quantity is at the heart of everything they do. From responsible sourcing of materials to collaborating with local craftspeople, Bamford is the epitome of sustainability and wellness.

Mercato Mayfair

A church filled with people sitting eating around tables

Location: St. Mark’s Church, North Audley St, Mayfair, London

The sister location to the Mercato Metropolitano, the Mercato Mayfair is a hub of community and sustainable, authentic food. Boasting three floors of artisan food makers, there is something for everyone here. Their movement is focused on creating a community that understands the importance of nutritious and ample food for all.

Grab a seat in their Main Hall for a delicious meal made with responsibly sourced ingredients or head down into their wine cellar and pick up the perfect cheese board and wine pairing from artisan crafters.