Many now realise working from our kitchen table and parents trying to home school, that the garden or tree that you can see from your window has never been looked at before in the same way, offering escapism with a calming effect. Some of us have the privilege to have a garden we can escape when modern day life gets a hold. Science tells us that just walking within plants or trees with the symmetry and greenery reduces our stress levels, gets our minds back in focus and allows us to regroup and re a line.

We know Wildlife is important to keep a healthy biodiversity in nature and although we see the larger animals, it’s the small ones that keep the balance. Good ideas are to leave an area in your garden to go wild…you don’t need to be that tidy and the critters will thankyou. Feed and offer a drink to the birds through winter. RSPB have their annual bird count soon between 29th -31st January an activity that all the family can join in, the kids can still use technology to upload your findings. Head to the RSPB website this will give you all the information or ask one of our team. (We join in with our gardens on the estate).

Many of GLM regard gardening as a lifestyle choice, a career that is meant to avoid much of the stress and anxiety of modern life, and so it can be, but not always. We are custodians to our great gardens and squares, and we need to nurture them and leave them in the best possible way for the baton to be handed over to the next generation. Although our gardens and squares have always had a gardens team (except through the world wars) The gardens department as we see it today was formed in 1946 and since then in 75yrs we have only had 6 head gardeners/ managers.

So when the pressure is on, get outside and enjoy what life offers for free, spring brings new bright greens as new life emerges, summer is the natural worlds firework display of colours where winter many plants and trees snuggle down and hibernate.

So when we are back to a bit of normality, which will be soon… visit our gardens, call or come and have a chat to the team about gardening or any other thoughts … we love to talk especially about our passion. Remember it sometimes helps to share some of your problems with others who understand what you are going through. This applies both to our personal and our professional lives. There has never been a more important time to share our concerns and support each other.

Author Simon Lewis