Top Restaurants on Mount Street

Finding an incredible Mount Street restaurant isn’t the most challenging task we’ll have to undertake today. Very few thoroughfares in the city guide us past so many of the capital’s best eateries—and all within a few short steps of one another.

Whatever culinary desire is tickling our taste buds, we’ll find it right here. And as always, Mayfair presents everything in style with the utmost care and attention paid to not only the food but the magnificent interiors as well. Dining out in Mount street is an experience that will keep us coming back for more, time and time again.

Finding the Best Restaurants on Mount Street

Mount Street in Mayfair runs from Park Lane to the west across to Davies Street to the east. And in this stretch of a little over 500 metres are some of the finest eateries in the capital. Restaurants in Mount Street offer a superior culinary experience like no other. Representing cuisines and flavours from around the globe, there is something here to satisfy every taste, budget and whim.


Location: 20 Mount St, Mayfair W1K 2HE
From the menu: Caviar from £60, Dressed Crab £23, Lobster Thermidor £30 / £60.

Scott’s has a long-standing history in the capital. It originated as Scott’s Oyster Rooms in Haymarket nearly 180 years ago and moved to Coventry Street in 1891. The restaurant as we know it in Mount Street arrived in 1967.

If there’s one thing that Scott knows how to do, it’s seafood. They have a fabulous range of market fresh fare with oysters and caviar that are the talk of the town. But beyond the exquisite shellfish display, there are also several meat dishes and vegetarian platters to accommodate every dietary desire.


Location: 121 Mount Street, Mayfair W1K 3NW
From the menu: Spaghetti Integrali (vegetarian) £17.50, Rib-Eye Steak £29.50, Margherita Pizza £13.90

The Delfino restaurant in Mount Street is a lesson in Italian excellence. The incredible fresh ingredients and ever-changing recipes provide a talking point here in the centre of Mayfair. From gourmet pizzas to other time-honoured Italian recipes, this incredible eatery provides an experience that we will not forget in a hurry.

Enjoy an aperitif, such as a negroni or perhaps a bellini before moving on to some simple but delicious marinated olives. Select from the beautiful pasta dishes or gorgeous pizzas and there’ll be very little room left for dessert! There is also an extensive wine menu and a fabulous selection of cocktails to choose from.

Beyond the main restaurant, there is a beautiful terrace that stretches around the side of the restaurant from mount Street into Mount Street mews.

Mount Street Restaurant

Location: First Floor, 41-43 Mount Street, Mayfair W1K 2RX
From the menu: Caviar from £100, Oysters from £24, Lobster pie for two £96.

This beautiful Victorian building on Mount Street is the well-known and popular setting for the Audley pub, which occupies the ground level. But take a step up to the first floor of this recently renovated establishment, and we find one of the hottest dinner tickets in town.

Mount Street restaurant is a place where we can enjoy fantastic food and incredible artwork at the same time. The design is the work of Artfarm, which is the hospitality arm of art gallery group Hauser & Wirth—and they know a thing or two about incredible artwork! Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the menu is inspired by all of the fantastic culinary classics from around our capital.

Here, we can enjoy some wonderful dishes such as oysters, Portland crab, smoked eel, lobster pie, duck liver and bacon and a whole lot more. It really is an impossible choice.


Location: 100 Mount Street, Mayfair W1K 2TG
From the menu: Croque Monsieur / with black truffle £14 / £24, Black truffle pizza with London honey & wild thyme £28

Hideaway is a simple but beautifully presented cafe/restaurant right in the centre of Mount Street. As we look up, the interior design presents a mixture of opulence and eclectic hipster vibes with chandeliers and bird cages hanging in unison from the mirrored ceiling.

There is a beautiful little terrace to the front of the building with four or five tables available for those willing to brave the elements. On the menu is a raw and cured section featuring smoked salmon and jamón ibérico. And there’s also a section for toasted sandwiches, baguettes, bagels and salads too. Don’t forget to check out the waffles and desserts section to finish the meal with a little sugary blast.


A small room painted blue with a large dining table and chairs

Location: 8 Mount St, Mayfair W1K 3NF
From the menu: Leela’s Lobster Neeruli £39, Malvani Prawn Curry £31

Jamavar is all about bringing us an exquisite dining concept using the diverse culinary traditions from around India. And the experience certainly isn’t lacking any authenticity. The brand is already present in five cities across India and now we are lucky enough to have one here in mount street.

At this critically acclaimed Mount Street restaurant, they use local ingredients to create the most exquisite dishes using traditional cooking techniques. It certainly feels like two worlds collide here at Jamavar, and the result is simply incredible.