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What could be better than staying in Mayfair, tucked away in a beautiful property whilst being irresistibly close to all the attractions of this incredible neighbourhood? 

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Outdoor dining is everything this season and you’ll be spoilt for choice when you visit Mayfair.  Whether you’re looking for a great spot for brunch at the weekend or somewhere to meet after work, Mayfair has it in the bag.

Luxury Shopping on Mount Street

Relax in Mayfair’s Green Spaces


Holly Anna Scarsella


The iconic Mount Street in Mayfair is about to get a whole lot better in the form of #goldenhour allowing an extra two hours of shopping from 6pm-8pm on Thursdays until 8th July. Some say dangerous (for your credit card) some say genius, either way, I highly encourage a visit ✨ @mayfair_ldn #makeitmayfair

Farrah Storr Mayfair


When I first moved down to London twenty four years ago the first place I headed for was Mayfair. If I wanted to work in fashion (and I so desperately did back then- though it would take me two decades to finally get my big break) then that was the place I needed to be. But over the years Mayfair has become so many other things to me


ad #BrightYoungSprings - You guys. No biggie but...I sat INSIDE a restaurant yesterday. Not just one. But 4. Yes, FOUR!


Finally had a full day OUT, in TOWN, looking at THINGS and PEOPLE. Shopping with @mayfair_ldn for their #BrightYoungSprings campaign (love an Evelyn Waugh ref obvs)


How could you not fall in love with these handmade jackets?



More time to spend in shops… yes please!! I had such an amazing time discovering all of the shops at @mayfair_ldn !

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