Mayfair is home to everything from fine dining restaurants, fantastic fashion brands and luxurious hotels. Getting around Mayfair itself is easy by foot and there are many amazing places to explore. However, if you’re travelling from outside the area there are a number of options for you to reach Mayfair, whether by tube, train, bus, car or bicycle. And, we’ll explain exactly how.

Where Is Mayfair In London?

Mayfair is ideally located in Central London. The beating heart of the capital. Mayfair is just a stone's throw away from places like Paddington, Marylebone, Belgravia and Westminster. Given this central location, it means getting to it is actually fairly easy and won’t cause you too much of a headache.

Depending on where you want to be within Mayfair, there are a number of options to get you where you want to be. Whether it's for a fun day out shopping, a night of cocktails and food or just to explore, here’s how you can get to Mayfair.

How To Get To Mayfair By Tube

Since Mayfair is so central, there are thankfully a number of tube stations that will get you there connected by some of the major lines such as Central, Victoria, Jubilee and Piccadilly Lines.
Here are three Tube stations that you can particularly take advantage of, in order to reach Mayfair:

  • Marble Arch - 6 minute walk
  • Green Park - 5 minute walk
  • Bond Street - 7 minute walk

These may be the closest ones but they certainly aren’t the only ones, plus all the overland train stations provide Tube services that will help you to reach Mayfair.

If you are travelling into Mayfair from any of the airports, there are numerous trains and tubes from Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted, so you won’t have to wait around to get where you need to be.

How To Get To Mayfair By Train

There are several buses that can help you get to Mayfair. From normal buses to night buses, there are ample options available to you, when it comes to which route you should take. Consider taking the buses on these routes to get you within the general Mayfair area:

  • Bus Route 390
  • Bus Route 10
  • Bus Route 94
  • Bus Route 23
  • Bus Route 7
  • Bus Route 98
  • Bus Route 159
  • Bus Route 139
  • Bus Route 113

Some of these buses also travel along Oxford Street which is just a stone’s throw away from Mayfair. There are also buses that travel on routes 189, 274 as well as 390, in order to reach Oxford Street.

There are also night bus routes that you can take advantage of in order to reach Mayfair for all the nightowls out there. These include:

  • Bus Route N7
  • Bus Route N98
  • Bus Route N113
  • Bus Route N137
  • Bus Route N207

There are several bus stations in the area that are close to Mayfair. Here are some that are close by and their walking distances:

  • Berkeley Square - 3 minute walk
  • Selfridges - 3 minute walk
  • Oxford Circus Station stop - 7 minute walk
  • Conduit Street/ Hamleys Toy Store - 9 minute walk

How To Get To Mayfair By Car

Mayfair is accessible by car, however, it's located within the Congestion Charge as well as the T-Charge Zones. So, bear this in mind before your trip as you could end up incurring additional charges.

South Molton Street in Mayfair is the only place you can’t reach by car as it’s pedestrianised. Other than this, the rest of Mayfair is easy to drive around and there is ample street parking.

To avoid the stress of street parking though, there are various pay-to-park bays that you can take advantage of and there is even an underground car park. These are available at Q-park Burlington, as well as Q-park Oxford Street.

How To Get To Mayfair By Bicycle

For all the bike lovers and cyclists out there, Mayfair is super friendly when it comes to bicycles. There are various cycling routes that will help you get to Mayfair and travelling around the area. You don’t need to worry about parking either as there are plenty of parking locations for your cycle to keep your bike safe.

There are Santander Cycle docking stations that are available in Mayfair as well. You can find these on North Audley Street, South Audley Street, Grosvenor Square, Farm Street and Woodstock Street.

Now you know how to get to Mayfair whether by public transport or your own means, we hope you enjoy your stay!