Legendary Mayfair hotel The Connaught today reveals an outdoor installation by American contemporary artist Alex Israel outside the hotel on Carlos Place. The plexiglass sculpture, entitled ‘Watermelon Sugar’, forms part of Israel’s ‘Fins’ (2023) series, and marks the UK debut for the work. It coincides with a new exhibition, REMEMBR (2023), opening at Gagosian’s Davies Street gallery in London.

Israel is known for his exploration of the visual culture of Los Angeles, and the ‘Fins’ series is no exception. By transforming the familiar surfboard fin into a brightly coloured work of art, Israel invites the viewer to engage with the culture of surfing in a new and unexpected way.

The Connaught has stood as an emblem of discreet and authentic elegance since 1897, with a long tradition of craftsmanship. Israel’s contemporary artwork provides a striking juxtaposition to the traditional façade of the hotel, and has been crafted with meticulous attention to detail, resulting in an installation that is both playful and strikingly beautiful.

The colourful piece will be in situ for the public to enjoy at The Connaught from 6th June to 14th August and coincides with a new exhibition, REMEMBR (2023), opening at the Gagosian Davies Street gallery in London on the same date.

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