If you’re taking a trip around London’s touristy Mayfair via Buckingham Palace or the famous Hyde Park, then Green Park Station will likely be your transport hub of choice. Whether you’re a regular commuter on the go or simply looking to unwind after a day of sightseeing this bustling area has something to suit every taste. Experience the authentic charm of London’s pub scene with one of these Green Park-adjacent taverns.


Location: 100 Mount Street, London, W1K 2TG

Website: Hideaway

Walking distance from local attractions: The first stop is Hideaway, a pleasant walk’s distance from some of London’s most iconic sights. Take a leisurely stroll through Berkeley Square or Shepherd Market, both just a stone’s throw away from this delightful pub. Alternatively, head to Green Park or The Royal Academy of Arts, located just a 10-minute walk away, for a taste of London’s history and culture.

Overview/History: A charming and quirky, yet understated new pub located on the bustling Mount Street. This gem of a spot has become a go-to for Mayfair locals, thanks to its unique blend of vintage Parisian decor and delicious food. Whether it’s a filling breakfast to energise you for a big day out, a healthy lunch, or an early dinner before hitting the town, this pub offers more than just a pint, with a  menu covering a wide range of options to satisfy all tastes.

Specialities: Hideaway takes pride in offering an extensive selection of specialist single-origin coffees and premium teas, courtesy of Mariage Frères, a renowned Parisian tea maker. The wine list is also not to be missed, with an impressive selection of wines and champagnes available by the glass or bottle.

Coburg Bar

Location: The Connaught, Carlos Place, London, W1K 2AL

Website: Coburg Bar

Walking distance from local attractions:Located at the very heart of Mayfair, Coburg Bar could be a very convenient starting point for exploring some of London’s most iconic attractions. You’ll find the picturesque Hyde Park, the exclusive shops of Bond Street, and the bustling Oxford Street, all within walking distance.

Overview/History: Indulge in the ultimate luxury experience at The Coburg Bar in Mayfair, London. Nestled within the prestigious Connaught Hotel, this bar exudes elegance, warmth, and intimacy. With a prime location overlooking Carlos Place, you’ll feel like royalty sipping on premium spirits and rare vintages in the soft light.

Specialities: Their all-day dining menu and late-night menu offer a wide range of mouth-watering options to satisfy your cravings. But what really sets The Coburg Bar apart is their impressive whisky compendium menu and guided whisky tasting experience led by a dedicated whisky sommelier.

Brooks Mews Wine House

Location: The Connaught, Carlos Place, London, W1K 2AL

Website: Brooks Mews Wine House

Walking distance from local attractions: If you’re up for exploring some lesser-known spots, we recommend taking a stroll to Shepherd Market, a charming hidden gem with a variety of boutique shops, restaurants, and bars. Or, head to the stunning Brown Hart Gardens, a tranquil oasis nestled amid a bustling urban landscape, offering stunning views of the city.

Overview/History:Housed in a converted carriage workshop, Brooks Mews Wine House offers a cosy and inviting atmosphere with two floors of seating and a wine wall featuring almost 150 wines from all over the world. The decor is as inviting as the wine itself, with an exuberant display of prints, colours, and plush banquettes.

Specialities:If you’re a cheese and charcuterie lover, then you’re in for a treat. Brooks Mews Wine House offers an array of predominantly artisanal French and Italian cheese and charcuterie sharing platters and a selection of special seasonal dishes. Don’t miss out on the ‘Burratina’, a small burrata cheese served with seasoned tomatoes on toasted bread.

Comptoir Cafe & Wine

Location: 21-22 Weighhouse St, London, W1K 6JP

Website: Comptoir Cafe & Wine

Overview/History: Looking for a place that does it all? This unique establishment seamlessly transitions from a cafe to a wine bar, offering a truly diverse experience for guests. By day, you can enjoy an impressive selection of coffee and brunch dishes, all expertly prepared and served with a smile. But as the day turns into evening, Comptoir Cafe & Wine transforms into a restaurant, with a delicious menu of small plates and classic French dishes to enjoy. And of course, no visit to this venue would be complete without exploring its extensive wine list of over 500 options, curated by the founder himself, Master Sommelier Xavier Rousset.

Specialities: But the fun doesn’t stop there! Comptoir Cafe & Wine also boasts a wine shop in the basement, where you can pick up your favourite bottles to take home or simply browse their impressive selection.

The Running Horse

Location: 50 Davies Street, London, W1K 5JE

Website: The Running Horse

Walking distance from local attractions: But the fun doesn’t stop there! Comptoir Cafe & Wine also boasts a wine shop in the basement, where you can pick up your favourite bottles to take home or simply browse their impressive selection. 

Overview/History:The Running Horse is a historic and iconic pub with a charming ambience and rich history. Step inside the pub and take in the cosy and welcoming atmosphere, lovingly restored by James Chase of the award-winning Chase distillery and Dominic Jacobs, former bar director at Sketch. With a history dating back to 1738, The Running Horse is Mayfair’s oldest public house and kitchen, and its authentic decor and original features are a testament to its heritage.

Specialities: Indulge in the pub’s succulent meat dishes and classic British pub fare, or sample some of the best local craft beers and signature cocktails.