Grosvenor has been at the heart of London life for more than 340 years, helping the capital evolve into one of the most international, cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the world.

History is important to our story, but so is the future. Today, we’re investing to ensure Mayfair delivers not just the capital’s premier shopping and dining experiences, but also on the need to urgently transform how we use resources and manage places to protect the planet for future generations.

This isn’t just a plan – we’re on the ground delivering against ambitious net zero, biodiversity and waste goals. This includes retrofitting the neighbourhood’s historic homes, offices shops and cafes to make them more energy efficient and phasing out fossil fuel use. We’re also investing in greener streets, buildings and parks like Grosvenor Square to improve air quality, support nature in the West End and help reduce the effect of summer heat. And through collaboration with business and residents we’re helping them to reduce their impact and achieve one of London’s highest recycling rates.

We’re on this journey for the long-term.

We have several exciting developments that will help Mayfair continue to excite Londoners and visitors but will also help it adapt to the climate emergency.

Ahead of its 300th anniversary Grosvenor Square will become an extraordinary urban garden, teaming with plant and animal life, that everyone can enjoy. This will include new waterways, trees and an increase in plant species, dramatically improving Mayfair’s biodiversity.

Already, nearby North Audley Street is lined with a vast array of plants that help butterflies, bees, and moths thrive: vital pollinators that are declining across the world. By working together with shops, restaurants, and visitors, we can create a cleaner and greener environment in our corner of the capital.

Opposite the Bond Street West Elizabeth line station, Grosvenor is re-imagining a forgotten corner of Mayfair in to an exciting net zero landmark destination providing new stores, restaurants and offices in a green and inviting setting.

Find out more about Grosvenor and its commitment to people and planet. Mayfair has been a historic London destination for centuries. We’re determined to make a more People.Planet.Positive future here for many more.

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