Bamford create objects for the home and body to inspire their community to be more connected: to themselves, to others, and to the environment. They do so in tandem with craftspeople and communities who bring their collections to life in an ethically-minded and conscious way.

How did your sustainability journey begin?

Bamford was founded on the belief that we need to be more mindful of our connection to the earth — to live consciously, in harmony with nature, and to respect the land that provides for us.

Why is being sustainable so important to Bamford?

The concept of ‘waste’ does not exist in the earth’s naturally circular systems, in which all resources are used and fed back into the ecosystem for future nourishment. Our collections are thoughtfully curated and produced in small runs to ensure that we avoid contributing to the mounting waste problem, selectively sourcing and minimizing the volume of materials and resources that enter and leave the product life cycle.  We also design our products in a way that ensures they will not degrade the land if they are eventually disposed of or recycled.

How do you source ethical materials?

We rely heavily on the generosity of nature to source the materials used to create our collections, and we want to ensure that the land that provides for us can provide for future generations. This means sourcing natural fibres and ingredients in a responsible way, having minimal impact on the earth, and where possible switching to certified organic sources and processes in our clothing and bath & body collections to protect the health of the soil in which these natural ingredients grow.

What have you done so far to make Bamford sustainable? 

We are committed to sustainability, with four key ethos’s that are bought to life across everything we do:

Preferred Materials: Our choice to use predominantly natural fibres ensures our garments are of the highest quality that can be worn and loved for many years, and will ultimately biodegrade. As natural fibres biodegrade they return carbon to the soil and provide nutrients for growth, in contrast to synthetic fibres such as polyester which takes decades to decompose and would degrade the soil in the process.

Enduring Design: Working closely with independent makers and small-scale producers guarantees a quality and longevity that mass mechanical production cannot surpass. The craftspeople we collaborate with have a deep respect for the materials they work with and strive to produce objects that will be cherished and long-lasting.

Community & Collaboration: Community is at the heart of the Bamford philosophy, and it has always been our mission to nurture the relationships we have with like-minded collaborators and initiatives who share in this. It is a philosophy that stems from the work of our founder, Carole Bamford, a champion of craftsmanship, traditional skills, and natural living.

Keeping Craft Alive: We believe in supporting and championing the work of artisans and are uncompromising and passionate about preserving their skills, heritage and traditions. Craftsmanship enables and promotes a slow, considered way of producing; craftspeople tend to work with their hands, producing in small runs, offering quality over quantity and ensuring the final object is truly unique.

What are your future plans to keep Bamford a sustainable brand?

We have an ambitious 5-year plan in place across our business function to continue to improve our environmental impact and tread a little lighter. Key areas of focus centre around carbon emissions with annual assessments in place, biodiversity projects in partnership with our sister brand Daylesford Organic and growing partnerships with artisans through the Lady Bamford Charitable Trust and existing partners such a Nila House.

Our hard work has been recognised with our B-Corp certification, obtained in March 2023, demonstrating our commitment to positively impact all stakeholders – workers, communities, customers, and our planet. Furthermore, our recertification with Positive Luxury, and back-to-back award wins, continues to hold us accountable to the highest standards and encourages our continuous improvement across all our sustainability initiatives.

It’s important that we’re always on the path to doing better and measuring our successes and spaces for improvement. As we progress into 2024, we’re proud to report our next Spring/Summer collection will feature 100% natural materials across every thread and fibre. We’re working hard to continue our upward trajectory, currently with 96% of our packaging being entirely recyclable, we are now working towards 100% with only a small number of components to switch out.

Learn more about Bamford’s sustainability initiatives.