Whether you’re addicted to a good cup of coffee or you need an instant pick me up – you’ll find the finest options here and while you’re visiting, it would be rude to turn down some of the most delicious small plates, cakes, pastries and brownies that go perfectly with coffee.

Plants by Deliciously Ella

Escape from your busy schedule and head down to Weighhouse Street for a selection of some of the best matcha and turmeric lattes in Mayfair.  Sweet tooth? No problem!  Choose one of the fabulous – practically guilt free brownies.  Health is really your wealth – so come and find out for yourself.

Location: 18 Weighhouse Street, Mayfair W1K 5LU

Everbean Mayfair

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of New Bond Street, Everbean on Avery Row is the place to visit for when you want to get away from it all.  Indulge in a cup of the finest from a passionate team of baristas and try their  delightful selection of breads, cakes and pastries all sourced from artisan London bakeries.

Location: 30 Avery Row, Mayfair W1K 4BB

HR Higgins

If you need a little pick me up after all the activity of rushing around to find new inspiration in the neighbourhood, then stop off at HR Higgins, where you’ll be treated to beverage connoisseurship.  Their café is host to three different coffees (each week) individually handmade in V60 filters.  If you’re more of a tea drinker, never fear, there are range of seasonable blends and iced teas along with freshly baked croissants and cakes and a selection of light snacks.  Visit their shop where you’ll be in coffee bean and tea leaf heaven.  Grab your favourite from a large selection and take home some pick-me-up magic and if you’re feeling generous, pick something up for a friend!

Location: 79 Duke St, Mayfair W1K 5AS

 The Connaught Patisserie

Stepping into The Connaught feels a little like entering another world. Set apart from the bustle of London, yet immersed in its unique personality, it is a haven of discovery which has been dedicated to fine art and the finer things in life.  The Connaught Patisserie adjoins the five-star hotel and is the prettiest cake parlour, serving the most delectable treats in the shape of handcrafted cakes, gateaux and an assortment of elegant treats.  Prepare to be dazzled with a host of creations from The Connaught’s master pâtissier who has created some of the most magical French classics like sugar dusted chouquettes.  A special exclusive is the Chocolate Nemesis from The River Café which is hand delivered daily – the first time the cake has been available outside of its home.

Location: Carlos Place, Mayfair W1K 2AL

Hideaway Mayfair

Hideaway is the creation of Ollie Dabbous, Michelin starred chef and owner of Dabbous.  It’s a modern day treasure with coffee menu that will leave you wondering: which one next?   A full and rich Gajah Mountain espresso from Sumatra?   Or what about a Huye Mountains cup from Rwanda with lingonberry, raspberry compote and toffee notes?  Each coffee has a quality score and is perfect on its own or with an intriguing sweet treat – the Goji berry cookies, and heather honey madeleines are firm favourites.

Location: 100 Mount Street, Mayfair W1K 2TG

Comptoir Café & Wine

Comptoir Café & Wine is a café by day and wine bar by night and manages to slide from one to another with perfect ease.  This is a dream for any brunch aficionados, who enjoy the good things in life.  Order their incredible coffee whilst you peruse the brunch menu – one of the best in Mayfair and recharge your batteries.   A perfect way to unwind and take stock.

Location: 21 -22 Weighhouse Street, London W1K 5LY

Attendant Mayfair

Co-founders, Ryan and Bosh have a simple vision.  To serve the very best coffee and local, fresh, produce driven by the seasons, which have been sustainably and ethically sourced.  Since opening in 2013, the Attendant has developed into a coffee roaster, café and kitchen to share their love of sustainability with Mayfair. Their coffee is sourced and roasted with that in mind and to further the sustainable coffee trade, they pay a higher price for their coffee, based on the quality. Their skilful roasting releases the inherent flavour of the beans, honouring the hard work the farmers and growers put in at origin.

Location: 55 Duke St, Mayfair W1K 5NR