Founded in Milan in 1937, Valextra is one of Italy’s most renowned and discerning leather goods brands. Taking inspiration from its hometown, Valextra’s leather goods encapsulate its commitment to engineering beauty to conceive meaningful everyday objects of desire. From the iconic Tric Trac wristbag, first conceived in 1968, to the Iside handbag that arrived in 2011, preservation and innovation are symbiotic in Valextra’s approach to craft and construction. Signature details, such as the black lacquered Costa edging; the fine, handpainted Inchiostro lines; and the famous shade of Pergamena White have endured as discreet yet distinctive signatures that make Valextra recognisable around the world.

Opening Hours

Monday - Saturday: 10am - 6:30pm

Sunday: Closed


129 Mount Street, London W1K 3NX