The Connaught Patisserie

Look out for the pink flag flying on Mount Street. Since its opening in Autumn 2020, the Connaught Patisserie has established itself as the prettiest place to pause over something sweet. The beautiful rose-hued space is, as you would expect, expertly designed to deliver a welcomingly warm, exquisitely spoiling pit stop from all the other temptations of Mayfair – and the rigours of wedding planning. The clock on the wall signals not the hour but rather what to expect from the menu and when. Refining a guest list is infinitely easier when accompanied by one of the standout patisseries including Paris-Brest, Apple Tartin or St Honore.

Under the exacting leadership of executive pastry chef Nicolas Rouzaud, some of the fresh-every-morning pastries and patisserie are sold out by 2pm.  

‘Every day we sell out of our signature Connaught Hound, it’s our chocolate hazelnut cake,’ says Nicolas. This ever-evolving hound has a loyal following who delight in the many reincarnations Nicolas gives it. All white at Christmas with a beautiful head scarf. All red for Valentine’s Day with a white heart necklace and pink with cherry blossom for Mother’s Day. Never mind that production of this canine creation spans three days and it can take between ten to twelve hours to assemble one hundred of them. This level of love and dedication can be seen across the entire menu of ‘fine French pastry with traditional British products’ which gently evolves with the seasons.

‘Right now, we are making Apple Tatin, then it will change as rhubarb starts to come in,’ adds Nicolas. ‘That will last around two months then the first strawberries will arrive around April and will stay until the end of August. Other ingredients come and go much quicker – like the Mirabelle, a small yellow plum which is only available for three weeks towards the end of September. Or the white blueberry which is used for two to three weeks around the end of July.’

Four chefs start work at 6am each morning so the white marble counter is laden with goodies for opening at 8am on weekdays. You can get there a little later, but not much if you want one of the favoured hounds. And once you’ve sampled it you can add ‘order wedding cake from the Connaught Patisserie‘ to your to-do list.

The Connaught Patisserie