Dr Barbara Sturm

‘If your skin’s great, you can feel confident and that is particularly true of the wedding day, whether you’re the bride or groom,’ says George Marsh, the boutique and spa manager at Dr Sturm. ‘You should feel good in your skin.’

It’s a philosophy that is working spectacularly well with Dr Sturm’s high net worth clientele with spas now open in New York, Miami, Dallas, Palm Beach, Los Angeles, Dusseldorf as well as Mayfair and soon to be in Paris and Milan. The brainchild of German aesthetics doctor

Dr Barbara Sturm, the brand has its roots in science with a strong focus on high grade plant proteins and anti-inflammatory ingredients and treatments that are sulphate-free and cruelty-free. ‘We will never do lasering because it strips away the good layers of skin, taking away the bad but also the good,’ adds George. Chemical or acid peels are off the spa menu because ‘they’re too abrasive on the skin. It’s about looking after your skin inside and out.’ Which is why you will also now find a range of supplements and teas alongside the treatments and product ranges.

Treating everyone from babies to pre-teens and those in their mid-70s, the Mayfair spa has a loyal following of clients who love that they can choose from a diverse list of treatments that require little to no downtime. ‘With the exception of the Morpheus8, our non-surgical facelift treatment, all our treatments can be done right up until the week of the wedding,’ adds George. Micro-needling, radio frequency, red light therapy, Botox and fillers are all available to book.

But perhaps the ultimate in bespoke treatments is the PRP (protein rich plasma) treatment, also known as the Vampire Facial, in which protein from a patient’s own blood is injected back into the skin to stimulate cell renewal, boost collagen, reduce the signs of pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles and deliver hydration. ‘It’s a game-changer,’ says George. Also recommended for brides and grooms is IV Therapy where a saline-based solution that’s loaded with vitamins and antioxidants is delivered directly into the bloodstream by drip hydration. ‘This is perfect in the run up to your wedding,’ says George. ‘We just need 24 hours’ notice if you’d like to come, you can have it done with your facial treatment and afterwards expect a major boost of energy and the best night’s sleep. Your skin, hair and nails will all have a healthy glow and it brightens your eyes too. You have to see it to believe it.’

Dr Barbara Sturm

McQueens Flowers

The florist of choice for the Vanity Fair Oscar’s After Party for more than 25 years, McQueens has also dressed the most iconic and romantic venues across London. The team favour seasonality and can work to any scale from the North Audley Street atelier – a place imbued with an understated perfectionism that makes them as approachable as they are fabulous.

Wild At Heart

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