For Browns smaller, new-to-world brands, they are working to nurture those who are taking tangible steps towards meeting our Conscious goals. In partnership with Farfetch and their in-house sustainability team, Browns is offering brands guidance to help their products meet Fashion and Beauty criteria.

Conscious Fashion Criteria | Conscious Beauty Criteria

Browns are on a mission to keep offering you more ways to engage with fashion, both creatively and consciously. From spotlighting visionaries who create groundbreaking designs using upcycled and repurposed fabrications, to partnering with innovative marketplaces and rental businesses, they’re looking to continually evolve the future of their fashion and retail offering. Discover their Conscious services Thrift+ For BrownsMade To Measure and Made To Order.

They’re also taking a look at the elements that make up the Browns universe. In partnership with Farfetch, they are continually discovering ways to help us better understand their climate impact and reduce it each year. They’re working towards all of their sites being powered by renewable energy in the same way their Head Office is currently.

As well as this, to lessen their climate impact on each delivery, we’ve made our packaging as eco-friendly as possible. You have the option to choose between our Eco Packaging or Browns Gift Box at checkout.

Read more about Browns packaging here.