Classical Ballet with José Alves

Jose’s class is focused on developing technique and artistry with a particular emphasis on placement, musicality, agility, turns and jumps.

You will start with a thorough warm-up, which includes exercises designed to increase flexibility, strength, and coordination. Jose will work on proper alignment and placement, emphasizing the development of a strong core and a stable turnout, which are essential for executing movements with precision and fluidity.

The barre work consists of classical exercises such as pliés, tendus, dégagés, and développés, all executed with attention to musicality and dynamics. Class will also incorporate complex combinations, which challenge your agility, musicality, and coordination. At the barre, Jose will focus on developing a sense of balance and control as you move through the steps.

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Bollywood Fitness with Absolutely Bollywood / Juhee

Bollywood Fitness by Absolute Bollywood is a 50 minute mid to high intensity dance cardio workout, designed to leave you feeling fit and fabulous.

Expect a great playlist comprising of a medley of Bollywood songs with simple choreography that is easy and fun to follow!

Absolute Bollywood brings the best of Bollywood to London. Founded by Indian dance innovator Jennie Jethwani. A.B. strives to make Bollywood and Indian dance more accessible in the UK and abroad.

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Beginner Heels with Tatiana Ferreira

This class is for complete beginners in heels. Anyone who wants to learn how to dance and walk in heels is welcome to participate in the class.

The class will start with a warm up and body conditioning, working our heels technique, and ending with a routine. It will challenge the students technique, musicality and performance.

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Floor Barre with Alice Crawford

Alice’s floor barre was developed and taught to her by the world renowned ballet teacher, Madame Maria Fay. It is a system based on and complimenting a classical ballet technique. Contrary to other conditioning and workout programmes the floor barre is designed particularly to serve the needs of a dancer. Vital in helping to correct postural faults, shaping and strengthening the physique, enhancing the flexibility of the body as well as aiding and supporting dancer’s’ technique and stamina. It is extremely satisfying for dancers and students, helping raise confidence in their body awareness and ability.

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