If you’re into floriography (for the uninitiated, that’s using the secret code of flowers to communicate) then the florists in Mayfair are the perfect place to head to when you’re looking for a gift – for someone you want to do something nice for  – or yourself – if you want to brighten your day.  Whatever you want to say in a beautiful arrangement it’s possible to discuss with them – to put together something that gets it exactly right – without uttering a word!

McQueens Flowers Mayfair McQueens Flowers Mayfair McQueens Flowers Mayfair

McQueens Flowers

Carefully curated

McQueens is renowned for their beautifully crafted collection of fresh flowers – gathered  from the finest seasonal stems.  Whatever the occasion, McQueens has the floral answer and since 1991 has been creating the most incredible arrangements for a variety of occasions including weddings and birthdays as well as for hotels and corporate events.  There is also their exceptional Flower School, which teaches its philosophy based on their founding principles of style, simplicity and skill with – classes for everyone – from enthusiastic beginners to vocational professionals.

29 North Audley Street, Mayfair W1K 6WY

Goode Flowers

Goode Flowers

In good hands

There’s a wealth of experience all in one place, when you choose Goode Flowers.  The team, Pal, Scott and Linda have been creating bespoke luxury floral arrangements for many years and can turn their hand to anything from a grand event to an intimate dinner.  Just pop in or give then a call to discuss all your personal floral requirements and they’ll make it to order.  There is no hierarchy when it comes to flowers – so whether you’re looking for the most delicate posy or the grandest floral design, you are safe in the knowledge that you’ll be in the best hands.

19 South Audley Street, Mayfair W1K 2BN