The best winter coats for men should serve two purposes: to keep you warm and flatter your form. Ideally, it shouldn’t be obvious that they are trying to do either. That means looking for a coat that fits your frame but doesn’t cling to it.

Just because something fits closely, doesn’t mean it fits well. To find one that does, you first need to decide whether you’re looking for something smart (see those below from Lanvin, Barbour or French Connection) or more casual (see the examples from AMI, Adidas and Moncler). If it’s the smart option, you should be able to put it on over your shirt and a heavy sweater, with room to spare. Check that you can lift your arms over your head and that it will fasten without pulling at the buttons. The only place it absolutely should stop short is at your wrists. If the sleeves are drifting down towards your knuckles, they’re too long.

If, on the other hand, the coat for you is a little less formal, you’ll likely find that its fit is more forgiving, rounder in shape and will finish higher up your body. The same rule applies on the sleeve length but in terms of what to wear it with, these more casual coats look best with jeans, heavy cotton trousers or a tracksuit.