Odd as it might seem at the end of the longest, hottest summer on record, the fashion world would like you to turn your attention to jumpers. Yes, I’m sweating too, but right now, the best winter jumpers for men are arriving in stores and the canny shoppers among us are out there stockpiling them like toilet paper at the beginning of a pandemic.

In this selection, you’ll find a mix of sweaters and knitwear, some justifiably expensive (AMI’s exquisitely made hoodies, I’m looking at you) and others just representing good old-fashioned value for money (French Connection’s cashmere knit, for instance). For the adventurous among us there are splashes of saturated neon, and for the classicists, Grace Wales Bonner’s V-neck sweater feels pleasingly Brideshead Revisited. Regardless of which, if any, you choose, treat your men’s winter jumpers with care (wash it gently, hang it up, don’t let the moths at it) and all of these men’s jumpers will offer you a solid return on their investment over years of wear.