Visiting Buckingham Palace and some of the surrounding Royal Parks is one of the finest ways to spend a day in London. However, it is impossible to keep up the momentum all day long without a pit stop here and there.

A cup of freshly roasted coffee, sweet and indulgent pastries and a full range of brunch, light bites and other meals are all on offer for those exploring this particular part of town. And some of the best coffee shops near Buckingham Palace are found in the Mayfair neighbourhood. They provide everything you need to ensure that the rest of your day is met with fullness and satisfaction 

Find the Best Coffee Shops Near Buckingham Palace

Within a short walk of this famous location, you will find a superb plethora of options to whet your appetite. From traditional English cuisine to dishes with a glorious influence from all corners of the globe, coffee shops near Buckingham Palace really do have it all.


Location: 79 Duke Street London W1K 5AS

Walking distance from Buckingham Palace: 21 mins

Prices: India Malabar £12.50, Kenya Estate £16.50, Ethiopia Bench Maji £13.00

Website: H.R. Higgins

HR Higgins has been a permanent fixture in Mayfair since 1942. They left their previous premises in 1986 to take over this iconic location at 79 duke street. Since then, they have been offering the most incredible range of coffee and tea in the area.

The premises acts as both a coffee/tea merchant as well as a place to enjoy some of the delicious products. The coffee lounge is open 6 days a week where you can relax, unwind and try a new serving suggestion or grab a cup of your favourite brew.

Everbean Cafe & Wine Bar

Location: 30 Avery Row, London, W1K 4BB

Walking distance from Buckingham Palace: 19 mins

Specialties: Mocha, Ice Coffee, Cortado

Website: Everbean Cafe & Wine Bar

The Everbean Cafe in Mayfair’s Avery Row is one of the most sought-after coffee shops near Buckingham Palace. It has a distinctly welcoming feel that the owners have attempted to replicate since their time in Melbourne, Australia. Having enjoyed their experience so much, they reproduced everything they loved about this way of life here in the heart of London. 

During the day, you can enjoy a fantastic selection of breakfasts, including homemade vegan granola and fresh pastries. And a little later on, lunch is served in the form of salads, sandwiches, soups and quiches. 

But it isn’t only the daytime crowd that can find exactly what they are looking for at the Everbean Cafe. In the evening, there is a separate menu to help weary workers returning from the chaos of Central London back into the fold where they can enjoy a range of home-cooked meals and a glass of wine. 

Attendant Coffee Roasters at French Connection

Location: 55 Duke Street, London W1K 5NR

Walking distance from Buckingham Palace: 22 mins

Prices: Long Black £3.20, Mocha £3.90, English Breakfast Tea £3.20


The Attendant Coffee roasters use ethically-sourced beans from around the world and roast them in Central London to bring the richest flavours to the eager crowds every morning.

They have several locations all across London but our favourite, and one of the best coffee shops near Buckingham Palace, is just a stone’s throw from Selfridges.

After joining forces with fashion label French Connection, they are now part of a trendy new space called Duke Street studios where they provide a terrific assortment of coffees. And there’s even outdoor seating when the weather permits.

In addition to the top choice of coffee, you can also indulge in breakfast, brunch and a little light lunch as well.


Location: 100 Mount Street, London, W1K 2TG

Walking distance from Buckingham Palace: 15 mins

Prices: Hideaway iced Sapphire latte: £12.50

Hideaway iced Spanish latte: £8

Classic iced latte: £6

Iced Filter Coffee: £5

Website: Hideaway

Hideaway on Mount Street is an extremely popular location and just a short walk from Buckingham palace. The team has created one of the most desirable collections of food, wine and other drinks to cater for every taste.

For those looking to satisfy their hunger, we recommend a little smoked salmon and Amalfi lemon followed by a mortadella and fontina ciabatta. It is the perfect combination to ignite the taste buds.

The best way to finish a little light brunch is to experience one of Hideaway’s freshly roasted coffees. They pack a punch and provide some welcome warmth on a winter’s afternoon in Mayfair.


Location: 83 Duke Street W1K 5PF

Walking distance from Buckingham Palace: 20 mins

Website: Popina

For over 20 years, this cute coffee shop near Buckingham Palace has been delighting the locals and tourists with its glorious collection of simple and tasty treats. These hearty meals include a range of halal meats as well as some traditional English favourites like a full English breakfast and avocado on toast.

The homemade salads contain nothing but the very freshest and healthiest ingredients, which is great news for those of us not looking to put any stress on our belts after Christmas.

The drinks selection includes freshly squeezed orange juice, kombucha, roasted coffee beans from London’s Square Mile and a truly indulgent 70% dark hot chocolate.