Nestled in the heart of London, Green Park Station is not only a bustling transportation hub, but it’s also surrounded by a whole host of establishments that serve up a mouthwatering breakfast. 

Whether you’re a local looking to change up your usual spot or a visitor seeking the best breakfast in town, you can’t go wrong by visiting any of these spots in and around Mayfair.

From cosy cafes to trendy brunch spots, your options are as varied as they are delicious. So, join us as we unveil our list of the best places to grab breakfast near Green Park Station — we promise they won’t disappoint!


Stroll into NAC on North Audley Street and you’ll be transported to the set of a Wes Anderson film, with pink walls, green velvet couches, and gold fixtures creating a truly special place to grab your breakfast.

Peruse the refreshingly varied menu and decide between a host of both sweet and savoury dishes to kickstart your morning. The crushed milk chocolate cookies with a Frosties soft serve is a fan favourite — and at just £12 it’s easy to see why. The pancakes are another showstopper, but be sure to book your spot at the weekend as you won’t be the only person looking for a taste!

41 North Audley St, London, W1K 6ZP

16-minute walk from Green Park Station


If you’re looking for something a little different for your breakfast, Popina could be the place for you. While this all-day eatery certainly serves up the classics, with breakfast staples like eggs benedict and royal lox on the menu, it’s some of the more alternative options that are likely to catch your eye.

The French toast coated with a Nutella and marshmallow melt is a beautifully indulgent sweet treat to start your day with, and at only £8.50 it’s hard to say no. Their savoury menu is equally interesting, with Popina’s ranchos with lime guacamole an extremely popular choice.

For the best experience, grab a table outside and sip on a coffee while you watch the hustle and bustle of London pass you by for a while.

83 Duke Street, London, W1K 5PF

14-minute walk from Green Park Station

Everbean Cafe & Wine Bar

Don’t let the curated breakfast menu of Everbean Cafe & Wine Bar fool you, what it may lack in choices it more than makes up for in quality. This cafe and wine bar serves up a host of fresh and healthy breakfast options — perfect whether you’re sitting in or on the go.

Feast on a hearty portion of homemade granola (with a vegan option available if required) or indulge in smoked salmon and cream cheese on seeded toast for something a little more savoury. Getting a spot on the mezzanine can be tough at times, such is the popularity of this hidden gem, but it’s well worth it to enjoy a quieter breakfast experience in one of London’s busier boroughs. 

30 Avery Row, London, W1K 4BB

10-minute walk from Green Park Station


Hideaway’s vintage-inspired motif will offer a touch of class to any breakfast excursion, and the food more than matches the delightful atmosphere of this eccentric, but highly-successful, Mayfair cafe. 

Order a specialist single-origin coffee to accompany one of Hideaway’s famous croque monsieurs — adorned with black truffle for an extra slice of luxury if you’re willing to indulge. If that’s not your style, you can select something from their wide range of both sweet and savoury dishes, all prepared with a unique set of ingredients and garnishes.

Situated less than a ten-minute walk from Hyde Park, Hideaway could be the perfect start to a day strolling around London’s sights.

100 Mount Street, London, W1K 2TG

10-minute walk from Green Park Station

Mount St. Restaurant

Located on the first floor of The Audley, an iconic landmark in the heart of Mayfair, this modern restaurant provides a wonderfully varied breakfast menu that ranges from the traditional to the more experimental.

Tuck into Mount St. Restaurant’s full English — a true thing of beauty — or even enjoy an Oscietra caviar omelette if you’d rather try something a little different. Importantly, Mount St. Restaurant works directly with local growers and farmers to source their ingredients fresh — a welcome practice for those breakfast-goers who are conscious of their ecological footprint.

Enjoy a taste of culture with your breakfast too, as this restaurant integrates art and design into its offerings to provide a truly unique experience.

First Floor, 41-43 Mount Street, London, W1K 2RX

11-minute walk from Green Park Station

Plants by Deliciously Ella

Plants by Deliciously Ella is all about offering delicious plant-based food that everyone can enjoy. Founded by Ella Mills in 2012, Deliciously Ella is a wellness platform aimed at making plant-based food more palpable to everyone. Now, after tremendous success, the brand has its own restaurant in London that serves up one of the healthiest — and tastiest — breakfasts in town.

Enjoy a plate of creamy truffle mushrooms on pan-fried sourdough if you want something filling and savoury, or feast on the wonderfully tasty vanilla pancakes if you’d rather something a little sweeter. Great food, healthy ingredients, and more-than-reasonable prices — an amazing combination!

Situated just a 20-minute walk from Buckingham Palace, or a 15-minute walk from Soho, Plants by Deliciously Ella will have you fueled up no matter how far you need to walk afterwards.

All of these options for breakfast near Green Park Station will certainly ensure you’re ready to go for whatever your day has in store, it’s just up to you to choose which one you’d prefer!

For a healthier option, opt for Plants by Deliciously Ella or Everbean Cafe. If you’re looking for something sweet, you won’t go wrong with NAC or Popina. For variety, it’s hard to beat Mount St. Restaurant and its wide-ranging menu, and if the atmosphere is what you’re after then a trip to Hideaway should be top of your list.

18 Weighhouse St, London, W1K 5LU

14-minute walk from Green Park Station