We have been at the heart of London life for more than 340 years, helping the capital to thrive into one of the most international, cosmopolitan and diverse cities in the world. We helped transform what is now Mayfair into an iconic and fashionable part of London.

History is important to our story, but so is the future. We know the environment matters to all of us, so today we’re combining our heritage with a sustainable, high-end shopping and dining experiences that has a conscience. By placing sustainability in the centre of our plans for Mayfair, we help to inspire the people that visit to imagine a better way of living in the wider world.

We have a clear vision for achieving a sustainable future for this classic shopping and dining destination. This includes retrofitting existing buildings and collaborating with residents to reduce their emissions through renewable energy: giving new life to the evocative shops and restaurants that you know and love. And we’re on this journey for the long-term.

We have several ambitious developments that will reinvigorate Mayfair into a neighbourhood that is both socially and environmentally diverse. Grosvenor Square will soon become an extraordinary urban garden, teaming with plant and animal life, that everyone can enjoy. This will include new trees and an increase in plant species , dramatically improving Mayfair’s biodiversity.

Already, nearby North Audley Street is lined with a vast array of plants that help butterflies, bees, and moths thrive: vital pollinators that are declining across the world. By working together with shops, restaurants, and visitors, we can create a cleaner and greener environment in our corner of the capital. And because of the size of our estate, we can play a major part in transforming London into one of the world’s greenest cities.

Mayfair has been a historic London destination for centuries. We’re determined to make a more sustainable future here for many more.