Last year, we launched our first Grosvenor Sustainability Award which was established to celebrate and reward environmental and social leadership across Mayfair and Belgravia.

Our Shopping & Dining Sustainably Map highlight our 2021 entrants and the sustainability activities they have been involved in, ranging from sustainable and ethical sourcing of products, to recycling initiatives and community events.

We will be launching the 2022 Grosvenor Sustainability Award this Autumn, introducing new categories to recognise the broader areas of sustainability businesses are working towards.

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Mayfair’s Shopping & Dining Sustainably Map

1. Mercato Mayfair, St. Mark’s Church, North Audley Street

The beautifully restored Grade I listed St. Marks Church is home to Mercato Mayfair, one of London’s first sustainable community food markets—a socially responsible movement of artisans and local producers whose values mirror Mercato Metropolitano’s ethos. The Community Space hosts local charity events and workshops, while their ‘MMovement’ supports local small businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs.

As well as having a zero-plastic policy, they are striving to adopt circular economy in their kitchens. For example, unused water from their onsite micro-brewery is supplied to their pizzeria for dough-making!

2. Native at Browns, 39 Brook Street

Adopting a zero-waste dining concept, Native at Browns let the land, sea, forest and farm dictate their rotation of seasonal dishes. From using yesterday’s bread in their Nutbourne Tomato Dish to waste coffee grinding in the Wasting Espresso Martini*, they make use of ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. The space itself is a celebration of sustainable and long-lasting materials, showcasing UK design talent including handmade sinks, lampshades, and tables. The walls use naturally pigmented clay while their floor mosaic uses leftover tiles handmade by a family run business.
*Menu changes weekly based on seasonality

3. Balenciaga, 12 Mount Street

 4. Creed, 99 Mount Street

Creed Boutique are trying to minimise their impact through adopting sustainable habits. From using re-usable towels instead of paper towels, reusable water bottles instead of plastic and offering customers email receipts to save paper, they are striving to reduce waste and encourage others to follow.

5. Ninety, 90 Mount Street

Championing the concept of quality over quantity, Ninety want their products to be enjoyed for generations, standing the test of time so they can be passed on or sold for someone else to enjoy. To inspire others that you can go green without compromising on luxury, they source most of their pieces locally, have a pre-owned range and purchase small quantities. From the flowers they display in store to the bespoke wooden boxes used for packaging, they demonstrate the small sustainability efforts capable of driving bigger change.

6. Bamford 62 South Audley Street

7. Stephen Webster, Second Floor 130 Mount Street

The winners of the Grosvenor Sustainability Award 2021, Stephen Webster stood out for having embedded sustainability into their business and engaging their clients. Their dedicated in-house ‘Green Team’ set annual goals aligning to the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals which they report against to their stakeholders. The business has calculated their carbon footprint and have plans in place to half their emissions by 2030, committing to a science-based net-zero target.

Certified by Positive Luxury and holding a Fairtrade Gold License, they source 100% recycled gold and silver for their jewellery and use diamonds certified by the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme as being ‘conflict free’. Their ‘RESET’ recycling design service embraces circular principles by transforming unworn jewellery transformed into new pieces, removing the need to further extract finite materials.