London is one of the best places in the world for discovering a wide variety of cuisines, and some of the most sublime on display are completely meat-free. Chefs from all over the world bring their skills, ingredients and recipes to the capital and have left us spoilt for choice over the last few years.

However, London is a vast area with many fantastic zones to visit, so narrowing down the search a little is essential. Today we’re focussing on the best vegetarian restaurants in Mayfair with some unforgettable suggestions ready and waiting for you.

Top Vegetarian Friendly Restaurants in Mayfair

Not all restaurants are completely devoted to a meat-free alternative dining experience, and we’ve found that the majority of vegetarian friendly restaurants in Mayfair also have a range of meals to suit other tastes too. 

This is great news as it means you can share an exclusive dining experience in some of the most luxurious surroundings with all of your friends and loved ones regardless of their dietary requirements. 

Deliciously Ella

Location: 18 Weighhouse St, Mayfair, London W1K 5LU

Prices: Pickled sea salt and vinegar potatoes : £13

Spicy vegetable fritters : £13

Pumpkin and Savoy Cabbage : £19

Website: Deliciously Ella

The menu at Deliciously Ella goes one step beyond being a vegetarian friendly restaurant in Mayfair; it is completely plant-based and vegan friendly. The concept was created by the owner, Ella, who found a host of benefits from changing her personal diet to include only natural plant-based ingredients. She vowed to spread the word to a new generation of health-conscious diners.

The menu includes pickled apple puree with crushed toasted hazelnuts, mashed potatoes with root vegetables, kale Caesar salad and creamy pumpkin pasta to name but a few. You’ll find a vast array of options for breakfast, lunch and dinner with fresh juices and smoothies available all day to wash down those tasty treats.

Apricity Vegetarian Dishes 

Location: 68 Duke Street, London, W1K 6JU

Prices: London red butterhead lettuce salad, miso, rhubarb, cobnuts : £13

Kentish roasted cauliflower, zhoug, Pink Flamingo peas : £26

Black pearl & oyster mushrooms, watercress, flanders wheat, ‘XO’ sauce : £31

Pumpkin, hogweed seed & Virunga chocolate tart, pumpkin seed praline : £13

Website: Apricity

Apricity isn’t strictly a vegetarian restaurant in Mayfair, but it comes extremely close with the vast majority of dishes being sourced from the earth rather than farms. This locale is famous for its sustainable approach to cooking rather than sourcing mass-produced products from large-scale farmers. It is an ethos that will please many vegetarian visitors who always have an eye on the environment and like to lower their impact through dining options.

For anyone enjoying lunch or dinner with staunch meat eaters, there are a few options for them as well; this location hasn’t completely done away with meat and fish. Beyond the mackerel, scallops and wing rib, the rest of the dishes here are perfectly vegetarian friendly and include oyster mushrooms, lentil croquettes, kale salad and crispy sprouts. There is also an extensive wine menu and other beverages to accompany your meal.

Claridges Foyer and Reading Room

Location: Claridge’s, Brook Street, London, W1K 4HR

Prices: Vegan breakfast : £30.63

Vegan risotto, wild mushrooms and chestnut : £26.25

Sorbets: raspberry, mango, lemon : £14

Website: Claridge’s

Both vegetarians and vegans are well looked after here at Claridge’s Foyer and Reading Room. For those who prefer to eradicate meat from their dining choices, the breakfast menu will indulge and inspire. You can enjoy shakshouka style baked eggs with ratatouille, feta coconut and chia pudding. A vegan breakfast is also available upon request as is a vegan risotto at lunch and dinner timer.

From the all-day dining menu, there are several meat-free options including a superfood salad with broccoli, avocado, pomegranate and orange and a beautiful tomato soup made from Datterini tomatoes and fresh basil.

Jak’s Vegetarian Dishes 

Location: 43 South Molton Street W1K 5RS

Prices: Spinach Ricotta Cannelloni : £16.50

Vegetariana pizza : £14.50

Mushroom Risotto parmesan, cream : £16

Website: Jak’s

Jak’s Mayfair is a splendid location for all the family to enjoy. Not only is there a fantastic and varied menu available, but there is also plenty of entertainment in the form of live bands and DJs. You’ll find Jak’s on South Molton Street, just a few minutes away from Bond Street station so it’s incredibly easy to get here. 

The 4 floors of this unique townhouse each offers its own creative setting where diners can enjoy a range of snacks and meals for both meat lovers and vegetarians. Some of our favourite vegetarian plates on display are the Melanzane Parmigiana and Stuffed Aubergine.

Cafe Biltmore Restaurant and Terrace

Location: 44 Grosvenor Square, London, W1K 2HP

Prices: Chicory and Beetroot salad : £14

Wild Mushroom Risotto : £30

Triple cooked chips : £9

Website: Cafe Biltmore Restaurant and Terrace

Cafe Biltmore is one of the best-known brasserie-style dining options in Mayfair offering superb European cuisine that never fails to inspire and satisfy our hunger. The restaurant emanates a relaxed and casual feel with just the right amount of class to keep things feeling exclusive but completely unpretentious.

The restaurant serves food all day with many delicious vegetarian options on the menu. One of our favourites is the padron peppers and pickled onion with sea salt. In addition, we can also recommend the lentil and coriander soup. As one of the best vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Mayfair, demand is always high, so we would suggest making a reservation.