Throughout the bars, restaurants and cafes in London’s Mayfair district, we can find a fantastic assortment of incredible sandwiches. Many boast luxurious, up-market ingredients while others are more down to earth and appeal to every budget. From lobster to good ol’ fashioned cheese and pickle, the best sandwich in Mayfair is a subjective accolade and will depend on personal choice.

To help you decide, we have a roundup of some of the most fabulous places to enjoy a light bite in Central London. We’ll take a closer look at the menus and see exactly what’s on offer for those visiting this exclusive area. The best sandwiches in Mayfair await!

Mayfair's Best Sandwich Shops

The best sandwich in Mayfair could be waiting for you around the very next corner. With such an amazing assortment of top eateries in the Mayfair neighbourhood, you are never far from the most sumptuous assortment of world cuisines.

To help narrow down the search for the most beguiling baguettes and superb sandwiches, we have selected five stunning locations to use as a starting point.


Location: 100 Mount Street, Mayfair, W1K 2TG
Price examples: Lobster roll - £22, Mortadella & fontina focaccia ripiena with pistachio pesto - £12, H. Forman smoked salmon & cream cheese bagel - £10

Not only does the Hideaway offer some of the most incredible food in Mayfair, it is also one of the cutest places to enjoy a bite to eat. A quirky mix of lamps, candles and small figurines adorn the walls. And the most fabulous crystal lampshades subtly illuminate the locale to create a wonderful lunchtime atmosphere.

The Hideaway menu is modest. Although it does offer some incredible options for meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans. But it is the best sandwiches in Mayfair that we search for today and so we head to the rolls, baguettes and bagels section of the menu. There is a choice of lobster with Siberian caviar, mortadella and pistachio pesto, tomato and basil, and smoked salmon and cream cheese with homemade dill pickle. It may be an impossible task to choose between these mouth-watering options.

Burger and Lobster

Location: 26 Binney Street, Mayfair, W1K 5BL
Price examples: Lobster Roll - £29.50, Classic 8oz burger - £18, Grilled corn ribs - £5

This one is definitely more for the meat-lovers out there. Burger and Lobster are unashamedly true to their word. And you will find very little that does not involve either a lobster and/or a burger.

This upmarket eatery has a global presence with restaurants in London, Singapore, New York, Bangkok, Genting Highlands and Kuwait City. And the Mayfair restaurant is one of nine in London alone. Let's take a look and see what sandwiches we have to choose from.

Strictly speaking, sandwiches don't make a specific appearance on the menu. But if we take the meaning loosely and include rolls and burgers, then our options suddenly open up! The original classic here is the lobster roll. This is chilled lobster dressed in lemon and mayo topped with fresh chives and served with fries. And from the burger side of the menu, we are talking a classic 8 oz Angus beef patty with lettuce, tomato and pickled cucumber.


Location: 83 Duke St, Mayfair, W1K 5PF
Price examples: Ham and cheese - £6.50, Egg and bacon - £6.50, Smoked Salmon - £7.50

Popina is a fabulous café on Duke Street that offers upmarket food without any pomp and ceremony. Down-to-earth classics can be found throughout the menu and we can also discover some of the best sandwiches in Mayfair as well.

We have a choice of four sandwiches at this location. And these are ham and cheese, egg and bacon, smoked salmon, and beetroot hummus with roasted veg.

Connaught Coburg Bar

Location: The Connaught, Carlos Place, Mayfair, W1K 2AL
Price examples: Sakura Wagyu Beef Sandwich - £76, Club Sandwich, Chicken, Bacon, Eggs - £24, Vegetarian Club Sandwich, Crushed Avocado, Tomato, Artichokes - £19

The Coburg Bar at The Connaught is one of Mayfair's best places to sit and simply watch the world go by. With a fantastic drink selection and wonderfully comfortable armchairs, it isn't hard to see why people like to stop and stay a while. But we aren't here for the rare vintages today.

The sandwich selection on the all-day dining menu is a cut above, as you might expect. The most expensive and exclusive of all is the Wagyu beef sandwich. There are burgers, lobster rolls and club sandwiches available as well. The vegetarian club is also a popular choice.

The Running Horse

Location: 50 Davies Street, Mayfair, W1K 5JE
Price examples: Wiltshire Dry Cured Bacon & Egg Sandwich - £5.00, Hand chopped bone marrow rump burger - £17.50, Baked avocado & Burford Brown Eggs - £8

As a good old-fashioned English tavern, the menu at the Running Horse focuses more on warm plates such as burgers, pies and fish and chips as well. But there are a few light bites available for those not looking for anything too heavy during the afternoon.

A contender for the best sandwich in Mayfair has to be the Wiltshire dry cured bacon and egg sandwiches. Very reasonably priced and packed full of incredible flavour, we'll be hard-pushed to beat this.