Shopping for a Father’s Day gift doesn’t have to be difficult.

Unless yours is anything like mine and has…well…everything he could ever want. Or at least he thinks he does. And he certainly doesn’t want “any more clutter or fuss” made. Until the day itself, that is. Try turning up empty-handed and watch the resentment of eighteen years’ sacrifice start bubbling under the surface.

How then to make a fuss without actually making a fuss? Unless they’ve got a very specific hobby (angling, Airfix modeling) dads tend to be generalists. They’ve tried it all over the years, enjoyed some of it, forgotten more of it.

Use your Father’s Day gift as an opportunity to remind them that life extends beyond the borders of the garden. Among the aftershaves and the Argyle socks, I’ve selected some experiences, things you can either send him on or do together. I’d be inclined to choose the latter and make the most of him!