Mindfulness and well-being usually evoke feelings of calm and relaxation that isn’t automatically associated with a city landscape. However, London is in an enviable position. We’re surrounded by beautiful green places and some of the best leisure facilities on the planet. Royal parks, squares and forests adorn this historical hub. And regardless of our budget, there is a never-ending list of possibilities here.

Beyond the outside spaces, there are myriad places to discover improved health and fitness in London. Centres offering fitness classes, relaxation, nutrition and all other forms of healing are available for our bodies and souls. Every zone within the capital has its own individual offerings from boutique studios to chains of clubs that span the breadth and depth of this wonderful capital city. The options really are endless and there is certainly something out there to suit every whim, desire and taste. Whether it’s pilates, dance, martial arts or anything else, the perfect solution is never far from our reach.

Matt Roberts Personal Training

Location: 32 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London
Prices: Initial consultation £275. Sessions £130.
Website: https://mattroberts.co.uk/

Luxury gym and fitness centres in London were nothing new when Matt Roberts entered the industry in 1996. But he took the existing idea and gave it a personal touch. Pioneering the way we approach health and fitness, Matt Roberts turned the whole gym experience into a personal training and nutrition masterpiece.

Set in the heart of London's Mayfair district, this fitness and well-being centre is responsible for maintaining perfect harmony between mind, body and soul. It’s popular with local residents and those from further afield. And there are even a fair few celebrity faces making their way through the doors as well. His system combines yoga, pilates, nutrition, exercise and diagnostic tests to keep track of all integral areas and takes every inch of the body into consideration. The team at this luxury gym creates a personalised plan to achieve the best possible results and keep clients living their best lives.


Location: 16 Balderton Street, London W1K 6TN
Prices: Membership £30 p/m. Classes £10+
Website: https://danceworks.com/

Danceworks is one of London's most successful dance studios. It sits proudly in its listed Victorian building setting in the heart of Mayfair, near Balderton Gardens. It has been there since 1982 and is one of the biggest success stories in the industry. Membership is required to become part of the Danceworks club. But becoming a member will give you access to over 150 drop-in classes every week.

A wide range of dance styles and different fitness techniques are taught by 80 different teachers in various modern and comfortable studios. Classes are open to the general public as well as corporate bookings too. So anyone looking for a fantastic place to begin group classes for their company will find exactly what they need right here at Danceworks.

Even West End shows have a strong connection with the studios and many dancers are often seen here practising and learning their trade before taking to the stage in one of London's top theatres. The setup also includes a complementary therapy centre called Natureworks to aid and assist in keeping the body healthy while fine-tuning the dance skills.


Location: Basement 35, South Audley Street, Mayfair W1K 2PJ
Prices: £55+ p/m
Website: https://www.xen-do.com/mayfair.php

Xen-Do runs various martial arts training centres across London. Their aim is to remove the stigma attached to martial arts training and show that it isn't about strength and aggression. Instead, they bring a fun element to classes helping students achieve a full zen connection between body and spirit. Students train in a safe professional environment with champion martial arts teachers who are at the highest levels in their fields.

Fighting isn't on the menu at Xen-Do regardless of the kickboxing strategies and moves that are taught. In a 1 hour session, students will receive a fantastic workout and learn all of the key elements necessary to achieve greatness as a martial arts expert.

It's a fun and sociable atmosphere built on relationships that form in the Xen-Do family throughout training sessions. Customers will meet people from all walks of life and many different age groups. Customers give this centre rave reviews but you don’t have to just take their word for it. It's possible to try a free trial class to see if this product is the way forward for you.


Location: 32-34 North Audley St Mayfair
Price: New Boxer Pack £44
Website: https://jab-box.com

The ethos at JAB boxing is to take the sport back to its roots; back to a time when boxing stars didn't work out, instead, they trained for skill and fitness in London. Sessions here are available in 2 formats.

Firstly, there are group sessions that will give us a 12-round boxing experience. Every session leaves us feeling like a fighter that has gone the distance in the ring. Each session is inspired by a different legend with individual elements to help hone the skills and assist in our routines. It lasts for 45 minutes and there can be up to 22 people present. 6 of the rounds are done with bag work and the other 6 rounds are groundwork.

But if we're not looking to get involved in a group session, then private coaching is also available. This personal touch is programmed to our own defined needs and aims; fitness classes and boxing skills are designed just for us.

During the sessions, the coach will go into great depth regarding existing skills and show us exactly where we need to improve. Creating more athletic ability while honing an eye for detail is the aim. These sessions last for 60 minutes and can be done on our own or with a partner if we prefer to have a little moral support along the way.

A healthy life is a happy life, here we have every possible way for you to get in shape or look after your body. Whether you want to take on new disciplines, push yourself in the gym or relax with a bit of yoga, Mayfair has everything you need.