Sustainable fashion has been a hot topic in recent years, with more and more brands adapting their methods to produce more ethically-sourced materials and seeking out better working conditions for their personnel; with the end result being a more sustainable way to make and sell clothing.

But sustainable fashion is not a flash in the pan. Nor is it a fad that will move on with the coming season. In fact, sustainable fashion is better for all those involved, including you, the consumer.

What is the Definition of Sustainable Clothing?

Chances are you've heard words like ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethically-sourced’ banded around in various places over the years. So what exactly do they mean in terms of clothes, fashion and your wardrobe?

When it comes to ‘sustainable clothing’, it means that fashion brands look at everything from the materials used to make their clothes and accessories, to the working conditions of staff in their factories and shops, and all while considering the effects that these processes have on both people and the Earth. The end result is eco-friendly items that let us all enjoy fashion, without causing unnecessary harm to our planet.

Typical elements considered when producing ethical clothing include water consumption, chemicals and dyes and energy emissions from factories and the transportation of materials. These sustainable companies also look at waste creation, caused by materials that may be thrown out during the process of production, as well as the potential for their clothes to end up in a landfill after a short period of time.

In a world where ‘fast fashion’ means that we buy and throw away clothes at an increasingly rapid rate, sustainable brands are here to prove that you can buy and enjoy items of clothing that will last you for years and have not damaged the planet while being created.

Bamford Clothing

Where? 62 South Audley Street, Mayfair, W1K 2QR
What? Clothing, homeware and gift shop with a focus on ethically-sourced materials

Why we love it: If you are after guilt-free pampering, then head to Bamford on South Audley Street. Drawing inspiration from nature, everything you'll find at Bamford’s Mayfair branch has been created with the Earth and sustainability in mind. We love the clothing here, that includes everything for men, women and children. We especially love the knitwear that has all been created using sustainable sources of materials.

You can also bring the natural energy of Bamford into your home with their beautiful collection of candles and diffusers, as well as other homeware and lifestyle items.

Adidas Shop Oxford Street

Where? 415-419 Oxford Street, London, W1C 2PG
What? Flagship London store of iconic and sustainable sports brand Adidas

Why we love it: A major player in sustainability and sport, the iconic brand Adidas leads the pack from their flagship store in London's Oxford Street. Using recycled plastics, foams and textiles, the team at Adidas have recently set their sights on a more responsible method of creating their world-renowned trainers and sportswear lines.

The ‘Better Choices’ range includes many ethically-sourced items, including products made with vegan and cruelty-free materials. So while the name Adidas might not spring to mind when you think of sustainable fashion, the fact is this global fashion brand is paving the way for others to follow.

Les 100 Ciels Clothing

Where? 20 South Molton Street, Mayfair, W1K 5QY
What? A contemporary brand with sustainable cashmere at the heart of each collection

Why we love it: for locals in the know, the Mayfair branch of Les 100 Ciels is a bit of a local landmark. This small little shop, nestled away on South Molton Street has a small but beautifully curated collection of womenswear, with a firm focus on sustainable cashmere and other natural materials, such as silk and linen. Each piece created at Les 100 Ciels uses timeless silhouettes with a contemporary finish, creating a modern yet classic range of clothing that you will wear for years to come. As they say, good taste never goes out of fashion.