Whoever came up with the expression ‘spoilt for choice’ didn’t know what they were taking about. Visit Mayfair and get the choice you deserve when it comes to dining. You’ll be in for a real treat. Whether you’re feeling low key or high octane, this is the place to come. Bring your food mood and friends to discover an array of eateries. Choose from cafés, cosy wine bars, experimental restaurants and elegant hotels according to your mood of the day.

From Coffee to Cocktails

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Best Bars in Mayfair

Whether your preferred tipple is a cocktail, a robust red, a fragrant white or you want to find a non-alcohol take on an absolute classic, then Mayfair is where you need to go.

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Best Cocktail Bars in Mayfair

You’ll find some of the best cocktail bars in Mayfair, who have made mixology into a true art

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The Best Outdoor Bars in Mayfair

You’ll find the best outdoor bars in Mayfair – from pubs serving traditional British fayre to bars for that perfect cocktail.

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Where to Find the Best Coffee in Mayfair

When friends meet for coffee, great things can happen and these are the some of the places to find the best coffee in Mayfair.

Food and drink matchmaking heaven

Choose the perfect spot for your food mood